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Metalwerx's 2020 Virtual Makers Symposium includes up to two live sessions every weekday, at 12 PM and 4:30 PM (all times EST), with a final social event on October 24, 2020. All sessions will be presented live over Zoom, with links sent in advance to all registered Symposium attendees. Each Zoom session is approximately 1 - 2 hours long.  


Registration, after the live event has concluded, grants access to all 13 recorded seminar sessions through the end of 2020.



Lessons from the Toolbox Initiative

Tim McCreight & Matthieu Cheminee Seminar: Monday October 12 at 12 PM EST  

Some jewelers have more tools than they need, and some have almost nothing. The Toolbox Initiative gathers gently used tools and gives them to makers all over Africa. Connecting with metalsmiths and jewelers in African villages, the initiative gives insight to the way others work, especially with limited tools and material access.  It is not magic, but it’s magical to see the impact this can have on everyone involved. Through photos and videos, come along on a trip to Africa and together we shall see what insights await us there. Back to top

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win the book, Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa by Matthieu Cheminee.

To learn more about Tim McCreight, please click here

This seminar is sponsored by Rio Grande.

Stamp Making

Matthieu Cheminee Demonstration: Tuesday October 13 at 12:00 PM EST

During this demonstration, Matthieu will show you how he makes a stamp from start to finish. He will explain how to recognize the proper steel to use to create a long-lasting tool. We will see different ways to transform old chisels or files into stamps, as well as the different heating processes of annealing, hardening and tempering. Matthieu will also demonstrate how to lay out patterns and hold the stamps appropriately. Back to top

To learn more about Matthieu Cheminee, please click here.

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a copy of Matthieu's book, The Art of Stamping

This seminar is sponsored by Rio Grande.

The Twisting and Turning World of Lapidary 

Jesse and Azur McHugh of Azurz Seminar and Demonstration: Wednesday October 14 at 4:30 PM EST

Enjoy a fun hour of rock knowledge! Join Jesse and Azur for their session of rock talk! See a stone cut from rough to finished, learn how to do minor repairs to chips and damage on your own stones, review the how-to of lapidary equipment, quick stone ID in the field, how to spot fakes, and an overview of lesser known material. A Q&A will follow the seminar as well as an exclusive preview of our next Live sale the following weekend! All participants in the live seminar will be entered into our Giveaway during the seminar. Back to top

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win (winner's choice of) a Rose Quartz, Patagonia turquoise or a blue chalcedony cabochon. 

To learn more about Azurz, please click here

Jesse and Azur will be hosting a stone sale on their Instagram page starting at 7:30pm, Friday, Oct 16th.  Anyone who attends their live presentation will receive 20% discount on their amazing stones!

Micro Welding in the Jewelry Studio

Patrick McMillan Demonstration: Thursday October 15 at 4:30 PM EST

Explore the possibilities of incorporating a Pulse Arc Welder into your studio practice. Preview samples of different applications including repairs, tacking and assembly. View demonstrations showing the basics of welding with precious and non-precious metals with different welders. Back to top

To learn more about Patrick McMillan, please click here.

This seminar is sponsored by Orion Welders by Sunstone.


Jewelry Studio Set-Up: From Beginner to Professional

Jeff Georgantes Seminar: Friday October 16 at 12:00 PM EST

Setting up a jewelry studio has many different aspects depending on your level of experience and needs. This seminar will guide you through setting up a studio from beginner to small production workspace. Some of the topics covered are: hand tools for a basic toolbox, finding plans to build your own jeweler’s bench or what to look for in a pre-made bench, flex shaft versus micromotor, differences between high speed steel and tungsten vanadium burs, how to choose a torch, the difference between a pulse arc and laser welder, options for ventilation and dust collection, storage options for small jewelry parts. Also, should you own a casting/mold making set-up or use a professional casting house? These are just some of the topics Jeff will cover in this informative talk! After his presentation, Jeff will be joined by special guests, artist Arthur Hash and Roger Gesswein, to talk about some Gesswein tools and to take a tour through Arthur’s new studio. Back to top

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a Xuron Metalsmith’s Kit: including the Model 2175 cutter, Model 9180NS Metal Scissors and Model 485FN Flat Nose Pliers!

To learn more about Jeff Georgantes, please click here

This seminar is sponsored by Gesswein

Fretz Spinner Rings and Alluring New Tools

Bill Fretz Demonstration: Friday, October 16 at 4:30 PM EST

In this seminar, Bill Fretz will demonstrate how to use his popular Spinner Ring Set in his home studio. This set is designed specifically for creating an even and uniform flair on the outer edges of any band resulting in the perfect spinner ring time after time. You will also get to see some of his other exciting new tools demonstrated! After the demo, we will have live questions with Bill Fretz so you can pick his brain on your most inquisitive metal forming questions. Lastly, Bill will give us a tour of his studio! Back to top

To learn more about Bill Fretz, please click here

This seminar is sponsored by Otto Frei.

Sturdy Stone Settings with Structural Bezels 

Jim Dailing Demonstration: Saturday,  October 17 at 12:00 PM EST

This live demo will focus on setting a faceted gemstone in a thick walled structural bezel. Unlike thinner bezels using fine silver, thicker walled bezels need more force in moving the metal over the gemstone, while maintaining control and finesse. Jim will be showing how to use a Hammer Handpiece, and a Micromotor rotary tool among a number of other stone setting tools to make your bench process more successful and enjoyable. Bring your notebook as there will be a lot of information covered during this informative session! Back to top

To learn more about Jim Dailing, please click here

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win: a GreenLion Studios Saw Frame With Blades & Sharp Lube, and a Kerf Jeweler's Saw Blade Holder with Otto Frei Swiss Saw Blades 

This seminar is sponsored by Otto Frei

From Olympic Medals to Platinum Rings

Pablo Cimadevila

Seminar: Monday, October 19 at 12pm EST

In this seminar, Pablo Cimadevila will share his story about his journey from being an Olympic Gold medalist in swimming to a jeweler and internet sensation. He will also give a tour of his professional jewelry studio, giving insight to his life as a high-end custom jeweler from Spain. Back to top.

To learn more about Pablo Cimadevila, please click here

This seminar is sponsored by Pepetools. 



All About the Finish Line: Polishing and Surface Treatments

Melissa Muir Demonstration: Tuesday October 20 at 12:00 PM EST

In this demonstration, Melissa will focus on techniques for finishing using a variety of flex shaft bits and hand tools. Some techniques covered include: an overview of some of the numerous accessories and how to choose the right one, addressing flat surfaces vs. curved surfaces and small areas, when it's appropriate to use a rotary tool as well as how to achieve a high polish with a flex shaft/micro motor. Learn more about how to apply different finishes to your work and increase your skill set! Back to top

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a Foredom polishing assortment kit!

To learn more about Melissa Muir, please click here

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a set of 3 polishing assortment kits from Foredom. 

This seminar is sponsored by Micro-tools

Metalsmith Society: Going from 0 to 100k Instagram followers in Two Years

Corkie Bolton Seminar: Wednesday, October 21 at 12:00 PM EST

In this seminar, Corkie will tell her personal story of how she found her way back to making jewelry and her creation of the Metalsmith Society, a community within Instagram where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge. She will share with you how she built the community from the ground up, and how she’s done her own marketing as the page has grown to have over 140K people. Back to top

To learn more about Corkie Bolton, please click here

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a limited edition Metalsmith Society Panther Mug.

This seminar is sponsored by Halstead


Exploring Hollow Forms: Making Metal Beads Using Disc Cutters

Kate Richbourg Demonstration: Wednesday, October 21 at 4:30 PM EST

Join Kate as she shares her tips and tricks working with her favorite studio tool, the disc cutter! Hollow form beads and sliders are easy and satisfying to make using the round and oval disc cutters from Pepe Tools. Techniques covered in this demonstration include tips on texturing metal, cutting and shaping metal blanks using the disc cutter and dapping block, surface embellishment, forming, fitting and soldering the blanks together, as well as finishing and polishing techniques. Back to top

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win a Pepetools disc cutter!

To learn more about Kate Richbourg, please click here

This seminar is sponsored by Pepetools


Form and Details: An Artist Talk and Demonstration

Cynthia Eid Seminar and Demonstration: Thursday, October 22 at 12:00 PM EST

During this seminar, Cynthia Eid will share images of her work, from when she began making jewelry as a teenager, through today.  Cynthia has always been fascinated by the ability of metal to transform from a stiff sheet to a vibrant object of fluidity and grace.  In 2013, she co-wrote the best-selling book, Creative Metal Forming, with Betty Helen Longhi. 

Usually, hammers are involved with Cynthia’s forming, though she sometimes utilizes a hydraulic press.  Her work is often inspired by walks in the garden and woods.  Though her creations resemble natural forms, they are the results of experimentation, play, and serendipity.   

Tools being her playthings, Cynthia has helped to develop the Bonny Doon hydraulic press tools and microfold brakes, Knew Concept Saws, and anticlastic stakes with her co-author.  Working with firescale-free Argentium Sterling since 1999, Cynthia has been designated as a Pioneer of Argentium by Argentium International Ltd.  This sterling alloy led her to become entranced by the details of granulation.  Her sense of adventure has combined enameling with metalwork in recent years. 

In the demonstration portion of Cynthia’s talk, you will learn the basics of how to anticlast, to make a concave bracelet.  Cynthia will start by demonstrating how to hammer ergonomically, and with accuracy using a delrin anticlastic stake designed by Eid and Longhi. Back to top

To learn more about Cynthia, please click here

Attend the live webinar and be entered to win an Eid-Longhi anticlastic forming stake

This seminar is sponsored by Rio Grande.


Casting an Ingot from Scrap and Forging a Simple Band Ring

William Vanaria Demonstration: Friday, October 23 at 12:00 PM EST

Join Metalwerx's resident alchemist for a live demo as he transmutes scraps of sterling silver into a finished piece of jewelry!

As jewelers and metalsmiths, we translate precious metals into new, wearable forms through kinetic force, heat, and stock removal. These metals are a canvas for our creative processes, but they can become quite expensive. Fortunately, metal is one of the most recyclable materials out there, so if you are good about saving your shavings, cut-offs, and scrap, you can send them off to a refiner and get some money back--or you could undertake the task of returning them to a more usable state. Back to top

To learn more about William Vanaria, please click here.

This seminar is sponsored by United Precious Metals Refining

Maker Mixer!

Saturday, October 24 at 5:30pm EST

Calling all makers who registered for the Virtual Makers Symposium! Join Wendy Jo New and Lori Magno for a Saturday evening social and cocktail hour! You are invited to this share and tell social hosted in collaboration with the Boston Chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association.   Make yourself the symposium signature cocktail (recipe provided in digital event guide) or any other libation of your liking and join in to say hello, meet others, tell us about a cool new thing you learned during the symposium or share a piece you’ve made or are working on. 

We hope to see you there!


Wendy Jo New: Metalwerx Studiomate and Instructor, Board Member of WJA Boston

Lori Magno: Student, Friend, and Supporter of Metalwerx, Board Member of WJA Boston

Separate registration for this event is required at no additional cost. Limit of 100 attendees. 

At the Water Cooler: A Casual Chat with the Director (Limited to 25 people per session)


Monday, October 12 at 4:30 PM Tuesday, October 13 at 4:30 PM Monday, October 19 at 4:30 PM Tuesday, October 20 at 4:30 PM Thursday, October 22 at 4:30 PM Friday, October 23 at 4:30 PM

One of the things we will miss most about Marketplace is bumping into our friends on the trade show floor and catching up. This 45-minute informal zoom meeting is an opportunity to do just that - Drop in and say hello! Director Lindsay Minihan will be your host. Note: Limited to 25 people, first come, first serve.

Thank you to our sponsors!


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