Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! If you have any questions about our onsite or virtual courses, using zoom, ordering supplies, etc., please don't hesitate to ask! You can reach us by phone (Mon - Sat at 781-891-3854) or by email ( [email protected] ).

General Information


Classes and workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Metalwerx admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate or collect information on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and other school-administered programs. 

Class Images

  • Course photos are typically of an instructor’s individual artwork and represent techniques taught, but not necessarily the exact project that will be completed in class.  If students have questions, please contact us so we can clarify class content and expectations.

Skill Levels & Pre-requisites

Registration Policy Overview

Virtual Course FAQ


We’d love to have you join us for our online jewelry classes with your favorite Metalwerx instructors from across the continent! Our Zoom Classes offer a supportive community for students and makers of all experience levels to learn together and from each other. If you have any questions, we’re here to ensure a positive experience! Each course is attended by one of our trained Virtual Teaching Assistants to assist you before, during, and after class.  

Learning at Home 

  • Courses are live and interactive, from the comfort of your home through Zoom!

  • Student participation during or in-between class sessions is encouraged but not required - observers are welcome. Students can watch demos, ask questions, and get individual help during class.

  • Most two-hour, two-day workshops do not involve in-class work time for students and are mainly focused on instructor demonstrations.

  • For longer workshops, students may have more in-class work-time, but observers are always welcome. It can be helpful to be in a work space during these workshops, but as they do not generally have as much in class work time, it is not necessary.

  • If you are ever unsure whether you should set up your device in your workspace, please send us an email at [email protected].

Zoom Classes 

  • All virtual courses are listed in Eastern Time. 

  • Classes are taught live, using zoom, to provide you with an interactive, rewarding experience. 

  • Zoom is free to download and use on a phone, tablet, or computer. We recommend a laptop or desktop computer for maximum visual quality.  

  • Participants will receive the Zoom call information by email a few days in advance of the class, and again the day before it begins. There will be a link that directs students to the Zoom meeting (in a browser or using the app). Participants will use the same link for both class dates. 

  • Click here to download Zoom!

Class Recordings 

  • Each class is recorded and available for registered participants to review information. Students will receive a password protected link to class session recording within a day of its conclusion. Starting in September 2023, registered participants will have access to all recordings to review information for 60 days after the course concludes. 

Course Materials 

  • In the Materials and Tools section on our class info pages, you will see recommended tools and supplies used for course demonstrations and objectives. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is strongly encouraged but not required - observers are welcome.

  • Some classes provide a materials kit option, included in the class fee.

  • For classes without a materials kit, item numbers with recommended vendors are provided for easy reference. The supplies will be used for course demonstrations and objectives.

Home Studio Needs

  • We offer a variety of course topics featuring techniques, tools and materials meeting the needs of students with a few hand tools at home to people with access to complete metalsmithing studios. Students also receive discounts with Rio Grande and Otto Frei. Click here to read our home studio set-up recommendations 

Class size

  • Online class sizes range between 4 to 22 students, and are determined with the teacher based on the topic being covered.  
Onsite Course FAQ 


Covid 19 General info 

Metalwerx classroom studio is open with new safety procedures in place. Students and instructors have enjoyed being back at the studio and most importantly, have felt safe. Until further notice, we will continue operating with these policies in place. 

  • Vaccine Requirement: All staff, faculty, studiomates and students must be vaccinated to participate in Metalwerx’s onsite programs.
  • Mask Requirement: Masks are optional for all classes, effective after June 1, 2022.

Covid-19 Safety Info and Policies


  • There is free parking directly in front of our building. 

Class sizes:

  • When it is safe, our class sizes typically range between 4 to 12 students. Weekly classes and one day workshops are normally capped at 10 students. Other topics are considered on a case by case basis and will depend on equipment needs.

Coming from out of town?

  • Please visit our Travel Info page for helpful information on how to get to Metalwerx and where to stay if you are coming from out of town.

  • If you are flying to the workshop, and plan on bringing tools: Tools can be shipped to yourself c/o Metalwerx, or packed in a toolbox or suitcase that is checked. Try to make it easy for the TSA inspectors. Our advice: Use clear boxes or plastic bags. Put them on top inside the suitcase. On top of everything, print large and clear: “Tools for metalworking to be used in a workshop”. Staple that on top of a page that shows info about our workshop.

Lunch: (in day-long workshops) 

  • All workshops have an hour scheduled for lunch.

  • We have a refrigerator, toaster and microwave for your convenience.The kitchen area is limited to one person at a time.

  • Please visit our Travel Info page for more information about places to get lunch.

  • Because of the pandemic, Metalwerx will not be placing a group lunch order for workshops.

What to wear (for your safety!): 

  • No open toed shoes permitted in the studio. Wear appropriate, close toed shoes that give a sure footing. If you are working with heavy objects, boots or steel toe shoes are recommended. 

  • Long hair should be tied up. (Beards too.) 

  • No loose clothing. Ties, scarves, loose sleeves, etc, are not allowed when working in the studio. 

  • No Gloves, except safety gloves when working with hot objects (Kevlar) and chemicals (nitrile/latex). 

  • Avoid Flammable Attire. Fleece is not allowed. Cotton clothing and jeans are recommended. 

  • When working with chemicals, wear an apron to protect your clothing (and you!). 

  • Remove Jewelry. It can get caught in spinning machinery. 

  • Safety glasses and dust masks or respirators must be worn when using certain equipment. Metalwerx has these available for use and purchase. 

What to bring: 

  • Metalwerx is very fortunate to have plenty of tools available to use during classes.  It may be nice to have some of your favorite tools with you at class such as needle files, sanding sticks, and your "go-to" pair of pliers (items that fit in a tool box and are manageable to bring).

  • Shared tools can be disinfected between uses. Disinfectant and trays will be provided to students to keep Metalwerx's tools separated from other students while in use and limit sharing.

  • Most classes have Student Supply Lists, which includes things that would be ideal for each student to bring with them to class.

    • Beginner classes often only require a sharpie marker, notebook, and possibly a couple items you can pick-up at any local hardware store. 

    • More advanced classes may require students to bring more specific tools.  These lists are sent to us by instructors and compared to what we already have available for students. If you ever have questions, just ask! We try to keep student supply lists reasonable and accurate to what will be needed. 

Age Requirement: 

  • The typical minimum age to enroll in one of our classes is 18.

  • We  allow people under the age of 18 to take classes and workshops on a case by case basis. Please contact us before registering. Our classes are mostly attended by adults, so we would like to make sure our instructors are aware.  A parent or legal guardian must sign the release and waiver form.


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