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Designing Patterns with Sheet Metal and Advanced Fabrication Techniques

Want to learn how to make large-scale metal sculptures and forms without casting? Use sheet metal! Join us in the Metalwerx classroom with master fabrication artist Jaydan Moore and learn hands-on how to make objects, vessels, and sculptures from flat sheet.

Similar to making flat paper patterns for garment construction, Jaydan will show us how to create flat templates that can be used to test designs and then saw, score and bend, and solder large designs into metal forms. We'll learn how to lay out and make numerous types of shapes, build complex curves through sinking and raising, and efficiently cut intricate lines in metal, and we'll get lots of practice soldering on large solder seams. 

By creating templates, you will learn how to construct and create your desired forms in pattern and paper first, before moving to metal, thus cutting down on trial and error in metal and creating a more efficient way of working.

This class is included in the Metalwerx Course Scholarship Program. Apply for a scholarship for 75% off tuition!

Meet the instructor

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Jaydan’s work is motivated by how an object moves through the world, changing in meaning as it is passed down, and how it is cherished as its significance grows. This history of objects has led to his continued exploration of our culture’s heirlooms. Jaydan’s career began as an undergraduate student at California College of the Arts and received his MFA and MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He furthered his career through artist in residencies at Penland School of Crafts, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Kohler Arts/Industry, and a fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University. His work is in the permanent collections of the Carnegie Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston, and Honolulu Museum of Art.

Materials & Tools

There is a $65 materials fee for this course, which is payable upon registration. The kit will be comprised of 12"x6" sheets of brass and copper, sandpaper sheets in full range of grits, split mandrel, and other miscellaneous items need for project objectives.

Students should bring
  • any of their of metal that they may wish to use in addition to what they get in their kit

  • closed toed shoes - required in the Metalwerx studio

  • any of their own favorite tools - Metalwerx is equipped with communal studio tools

  • pen/pencil and notepad for notes and sketching

  • lunch


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