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Cuff Bracelets in a Day

Dip your toes in the captivating art of jewelry making with this comprehensive 1-day workshop. With a special emphasis on forming techniques, it serves as the perfect entry point for beginners.

Master the essentials right from the start. Begin by learning the intricate craft of cutting shapes and patterns using a jeweler's saw. Refine your work with precision, employing files to achieve flawless edges and discover the transformative power of heat as you learn the art of annealing to soften the metal.

Forge ahead with confidence and delve into the highly physical technique of metal forming, harnessing hammers and stakes to bring your designs to life, skillfully shaping the metal with every strike.

Finally, polish your pieces to a radiant shine or infuse them with captivating textures. As the day concludes, proudly wear two distinct cuff bracelets - matching and complimentary or contrasting and striking - each an embodiment of your artistic effort.

Join us for this fulfilling workshop, where you'll embrace the essentials of jewelry making, move metal with finesse, and emerge with two unique cuff bracelets, ready to adorn your wrists.

Scholarships are available for this class through the Metalwerx Course Scholarship Program. Apply for a scholarship here!

Meet the instructor

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Diane received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1983. She has continued to expand her skills and artistic horizons in her studio in Woburn, Massachusetts, and also in advanced jewelry and silversmithing classes at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Diane favorite techniques include fabricating mokume, pave settings, raising, hot twisting, and soldered applique.


Materials & Tools

There is a $15 materials fee for this workshop payable upon registration. The materials kit includes enough copper sheet metal to complete two cuff bracelets, as well as saw blades and use of other miscellaneous items needed to complete projects.

Students should bring

Metalwerx has these materials available for communal studio use, but you may wish to bring your own:

  • textured materials to use for roller printing (i.e. lace, fabric, ribbon. NO STEEL! Whatever you use will be destroyed, no family heirlooms.)

  • small hand towel

  • tool box (shoe box, plastic tackle box, etc.)

  • old tooth brush (for cleaning)

  • ultra fine Sharpie

  • sketchbook, pen, and pencil - for notes and sketching

  • 8" mill bastard file - OPTIONAL

  • metal metric ruler (150mm / 6")


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