Tips for Sawing Like a Pro

Piercing started off as my least favorite skill when I first started learning metalsmithing!! I think I broke 25 sawblades in that first class, I just couldn't get the hang of it!  With more and more practice, I started to really love sawing, and the meditation of the act. There is also so much that piercing can lend to you work!  Create dynamic silhouettes, a more interesting bezel shape, even pierced out ring bands!  Here are some of my favorite tips to become friends with your sawframe! 

  • Think of your arm as a human bandsaw, a machine -if you will, move deliberately and smoothly, working in the up and down motion.

  • Your bandsaw does not adjust to different angles. Keep your saw frame moving straight up and down and facing forward. No twisting!

  • Your metal should move and pivot towards the sawblade and not your "bandsaw" arm.

  • My favorite size is a 4/0, I use it exclusively for all thicknesses of metal-- even though the recommendation is a blade that matches the thickness of the metal with 2-3 blades always touching the edge.

  • Rio Grande's Laser Gold is the only. brand. I. will. buy. ever.

  • Patience! Practice makes better (never perfect!) I still break sawblades.

  • If you break 5 sawblades quickly in a row, it's time for a chocolate break.


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