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Since its inception, Metalwerx has gradually and deliberatively grown into an amazingly dynamic entity operating at full capacity.  Metalwerx is a unique metalsmithing school for teaching and learning comprised of students—novices to masters--from around the world, teachers from around the world, and in-house studiomates, as well, with the primary core of artists, students, instructors, patrons, donors, art lovers, and volunteers from the Boston and New England region.  Metalwerx works! 

Classes run year-round during the week every morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as on the weekends for specialty workshops.  The private bench studiomate community, a unique and integral component of Metalwerx, is also full. As with most successful organizations, continued evolution and building upon what works, is essential for continued success. The timing is perfect for internal growth and for a new stream of income. Until this point, course tuition and rent has accounted for the majority of income and day-to-day operating budget.  With an additional layer of funding, Metalwerx would be able to invest in enrichments such as upgrading our resource library, certain training and conference attendance for the director (and staff), enhanced website and online capacity, and expanded course and related offerings.  Metalwerx can also initiate an essential endowment for studio and classroom upgrades, unexpected repairs, and future building growth so there is ample cushion to continue excellent day-to-day operations while growing strategically.

We are grateful for, and rely on every creative individual who joins us, no matter the role. Everyone contributes in their own special way, and we are always happy to welcome a new face.  If you want to get involved or give back, there are many ways to contribute. To speak with someone directly about any of these opportunities, please feel free to contact Executive Director, Lindsay Minihan. 


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