Staff & Board Directory

Our dedicated staff and board are happy to answer questions and help make your experience at Metalwerx unforgettable.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to make your time with us easier to plan for and more enjoyable.

Our Staff

Lindsay Minihan, Executive Director

Janine Grant, Program Manager

Liz Clark, Events Manager

Nick Heyl, Program and Project Coordinator

Therese Martin, Studio Technician

Greg Madigan, Accounting

Board Members

Ellen Carno, Vice Chair, Personnel and Fundraising Committee

Cynthia Eid, Chairperson and Facilities Committee

Mary Fisher, Treasurer and Finance Committee 

Sherry Gordon, Governance Committee

Shing Hsieh, Secretary, Governance Committee, Outreach Committee, Personnel Committee

Sharon Lawler, Finance Committee 

Lisa Monahan, Facilities Committee

Linda Perry, Fundraising Committee

Kelly Tzannes, Governance and Fundraising Committee

Sumner Silverman, Chairman of the Board, Emeritus