Quick Jump Rings

1) Take a small steel rod and insert into the chuck of the drill along with your wire. I prefer to use 20g sterling silver for my jump rings. The diameter of the steel rod will determine the inner dimension of your jump rings. Use a length of wire that is proportionate to your rod length. Better to have a piece a bit too long than too short. I use old burs as my “rod” and about 6” of wire.


2) Tighten the chuck sleeve around the rod and the wire and make sure that both are secure.


3)  Press the trigger of the drill and maintain a tight hold of the wire’s end as it wraps around the rod to make sure that it does’t loop over itself.


4) When the wire starts to reach the end of the rod, gently release the drill trigger to slow down the drill. The end of the wire is sharp and you don’t want it to snag on your finger! 


5) Release the wire and rod from the chuck. Slide the tube of coiled wire off of the rod and trim any excess wire.


6) Take a piece of masking tape and roll around the tube of coiled wire.


7) Thread your saw through the hole of the tube coiled wire and saw through one edge of the tube. The jump rings will be collected in the masking tape so they won’t run away as you cut them!


8) Unthread the tube from you saw and open up the masking tape to find all of your newly made jump rings!


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