Marketplace Educational Series

Seminars and Demonstrations

Exciting seminars and live demonstrations, offered throughout the weekend, and included in your entrance fee! This section of Marketplace can comfortably seat 60 people. Presentations last for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Saturday, October 22: Expand Your Skills

11 AM: How to Raise and Sink Metal with Bill Fretz.

Bill Fretz will demonstrate the nuances of raising and sinking sheet metal into three dimensional forms with his signature hammers and stakes. These techniques will be done on both small and large scales. Discover how different variations of hammers and stakes can be used to create a wide variety of forms. For those not familiar with Fretz Tools, they have opened up a world of opportunity for forming many custom shapes for bezels, hollow forms, rings, bracelets, and more. 

1 PM: Introduction to Pulse Arc Welding with Jeff Georgantes

Pulse Arc Welding is revolutionizing jewelry fabrication possibilities.  With this incredible technology, one can just hold parts together and weld them into position. Unlike soldering, welding can happen right next to stones, opening up design possibilities and solving repair nightmares.  Jeff Georgantes will provide and overview of precision pulse arc welding and share tips on how it can help you become a better jeweler and metalsmith.

3 PM: Moldmaking and Casting with Reynolds Advanced Materials

Reynolds Advanced Materials is more than just a supplier of mold rubber and casting resins. They specialize in helping people convert concepts and designs to a finished product. In this presentation, they will demonstrate how to create a silicone block mold, resin castings and variety of surface effects, including pigmenting, and cold casting.

Sunday, October 23: Build Your Business

11 AM: Working with Galleries with Charon Kransen

One of the most complicated issues for an artist is how to reach customers. Galleries and dealers are often their most important intermediaries. How to select a gallery and understand the commitment can be difficult. In this lecture, Charon will look at the artist-gallery relationship and help clarify challenging issues. Charon Kransen Arts Gallery represents about 125 jewelry artists from all over the world.  Charon has shown their work at some of the major art fairs in the USA for the past 25 years. Besides this, he also lectures worldwide about contemporary jewelry and teaches seminars to students and professionals in the field. 

1 - 2:30 PM: Pricing Your Work with Marlene Richey

Pricing is undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do to run a successful business. And it is probably the most difficult. It takes time and a lot of mistakes to come up with a formula that reflects your own individual business, art, labor and materials. It is the subject everyone talks about the most besides designing. Marlene, author of the award-winning book Profiting by Design, will cover pricing in depth and you should walk away with a firm understanding of what you should be charging and what the market will bear. And it is very interesting!

3 PM: Successful Castings: What Makes a Good Model with Daniel Grandi of RaceCar Jewelry Company, Inc.

Dan Grandi is a valuable resource to the jewelry industry with over forty years of experience in all aspects of the business.  As a casting expert and founder of Racecar Jewelry Company, he has developed strategies for working in a proficient and cost effective manner. In this presentation, Dan will share tips for model making in metal and in CAD to ensure successful castings, 3D prints, and finished designs. Attendees can gain a better understanding of how to get a good model for production or for one-off direct casting.

Teaching Booths on the show floor

Visit one of our teaching booths to learn new skills and leave with a mini-project!  

Bonny Doon Booth Sponsored by Rio Grande

Join one of our masters, Cynthia Eid, to discover some of the many possibilities of using a Hydraulic Press.  This powerful tool can be the biggest hammer in your shop.  Emboss, texture, bend, form, shape and cut metal using hydraulics instead of muscle power. A press can perform all the tasks of a stamping press punch & die sets, forming hammers, anvils and stakes--and completes each task faster and more evenly with less finishing required and with no marring or damaging of metals.  Combining hydraulic press forming with surface enrichment techniques can produce limitless possibilities.

Cynthia Eid has a long-standing relationship with Bonny Doon; she has helped develop many of the Bonny Doon tools, and has written many of the instructions for those tools.   Eid has been dubbed "Godmother of the Knew Concept Saws" by Lee Marshall.  She co-authored the book Creative Metal Forming, with Betty Helen Longhi. Cynthia and Betty developed a set of anticlastic stakes which is produced in the Knew Concept studio.

Stop by the booth to watch her demo an assortment of advanced techniques possible with the press and check out her huge array of teaching samples and finished work.  In addition, those who are new to using a press can make their own embossed pendant to take home!


Tips and Tricks for the Flex Shaft Teaching Booth sponsored by Foredom Electric Co.

Sit down with David Baird, instructor, jeweler, and problem-solver extraordinaire, to explore some of the many ways the flex shaft can save you time and fabrication headaches.  This teaching booth, sponsored by Foredom Electric Co. will showcase a variety of bench tasks related to ring making, although the skills can be applied to many other types of jewelry.

  • Find out how to modify and use various attachments for the flex shaft to deal with porosity, texturing, and polishing.
  • Create perfectly lined up joints for stress-free soldering.
  • Discover a few creative methods for holding your work that will help with all types of jobs.
  • Come to understand when you might want to use a different bur or tool to simplify a process at your bench.