Making a Wrapped Loop


The best way to create a loop is with a perfect pair of forming pliers. Forming pliers have one round, tapered jaw  and one flat, tapered jaw.  These pliers will allow you to make a loop without getting a “dent” on the outside of the wire.  Never use round pliers as they will leave a dent in the wire.

The wire length is determined by the bead size and the wire gauge by the project.  Let’s start with a ¼ inch bead and 1.5” of 24 gauge wire.

1. Ball up one end of the wire using a torch.

2. Slide on the bead.

3. Place the forming pliers 2mm up from the top of the bead.

4. Bend the wire toward the flat side of the forming pliers, to a 90º degree angle.

5. Using one’s fingers, bend the loose end of the wire around the round jaw, sliding the pliers around as the bending proceeds so that the finished loop stays centered above the bead.

6. Now the loose end of the wire should be perpendicular to the line of the bead and the loop. Hold the loop with the round jaw inside the loop and wrap the loose end around the 2mm space above the bead.  Hold the loose end and wrap with either fingers or a flat plier.  Wrap until the space is filled.

7. Use a pair of flush cutters to trim the end of the wire.  If the wire is sticking out, use a pair of bent pliers or chain nose to tuck in the end.  If the end is still rough, use a fine rubber wheel on the flex shaft to soften the end.


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