Dapping Delicate Textures


Making jewelry with crisp rolling mill textures can have it’s challenges. Once you’ve created the texture you must be careful about whatever forming you apply doesn’t accidentally remove the texture you previously created.

Pauline Warg is known for her hollow form beads with beautifully textures exteriors. But how does she maintain this texture while dapping the bead?

Here’s her trick:

1. Using Tough Break (urethane sheet) Red (.022) or White (.015) I cut out a circle slightly smaller than the recess you are going to use to dap in a steel dapping block. 2. Then cut two slim pie slices out opposite each other.   3. Place the tough Break in the recess and proceed to dap with a steel punch, texture side down.  

This thin but extremely durable material will conform to the recess, not allow damage to the texture and not interfere with the forming!

For this Trick-of-the-Trade you will need:




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