Wire Jewelry for the Adventurous Knitter

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About this course

Expand your knitting horizons and get wired!  This hands-on workshop will get students hooked on how versatile and exciting wire is as a medium. Using basic knit and crochet skills, participants will design and create knit structures for jewelry with progressively heavier gauges of beautiful colored wire. Adrienne will cover different approaches to creating stitches, how to add beads and findings, as well as resources, materials, design ideas. Previous wire work not required but basic knit or crochet skills necessary.


Meet the Instructor

Adrienne Sloane

"Knitting shapes have long been defined by the human form. By moving the context of knitting from clothing geometry to sculpture, knitting becomes a medium with a link to a rich and complex fiber tradition that has the power of history behind it. To be able to turn a single strand of yarn into fiber building blocks with form and function, texture and color is also energizingly low tech.

Working in what has long been considered a traditional woman's medium, I aim to an artistic aesthetic informed by traditional craft, art and politics. My work aspires to dissolve the boundaries between craft and art, mindful of the historical context of the medium.

I knit to rejoin the frayed and unraveled places around me."


Materials & Tools 

The instructor will have wire available for purchase as needed, although students are welcome to bring their own wire in 26 and 22 gauge.

Students should bring 
  • A variety of smaller sized crochet hooks (2.75-4. range) preferably metal ones with pointier ends
  • Beads, stones or other objects that you might like add to your work.


  • Any 26 and 22 gauge wire you have that you'd like to work with. 
  • Jewelry pliers and wire cutters if you have them. Metalwerx also has these available for use during class.
  • This can be fine, work so please bring magnifiers if you use them. Metalwerx has Optivisors in the studio for people who need them.



Materials Cost

Payable to instructor in class.


Adrienne Sloane


January 14, 2017


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


1 day

All Levels
Make-up dates 
January 15
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