Will it Pour?

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About this course

Fabricate a pouring vessel such as a teapot, oilcan, cup, creamer, watering can, etc. Constructing vessels is a faster way to start than using only traditional raising (hammering) techniques.  Additionally, when a hollow form is constructed using tabs, the soldered seams are much stronger and the form can then be manipulated and decorated with hammers to add character! This workshop will be a study in the fabrication and utilization of three forms; tabbed cylinder, truncated cone and a long hollow taper. These forms, once constructed will be combined to form a pouring vessel.  

Not only will students learn to create strong, hollow forms, but they will also get practice and learn tricks to successfully solder larger parts together and be able to work more comfortably with one or two torches!

Techniques demonstrated include:

  • construction of a tab seamed cylinder
  • fabrication of a short, broad based cone
  • fabrication of a long narrow hollow taper
  • wire binding
  • larger than jewelry scale silver braising
  • stake forming
  • air forming
  • planishing
  • tinning

Participants will be able to use these techniques to create a water tight pouring vessel made of copper (and sweat!).  Depending on the complexity of individual designs, some participants may require additional work time.  To support the completion of student projects, additional work time will be available after the first two evenings of class until 7 PM.

This project is intended for students of metalsmithing, hobbyists and makers of things who wish to explore the art of hollow form fabrication.  Prospective participants should understand torch use (soldering and annealing) basic shop equipment (jeweler’s saw, flex shaft, drill press) and be physically capable of light hammering.

Please note: The images shown are more complex that what students will create at class.  Peter loves to create conceptual teapots in his own studio practice - and we love them!

Meet the Instructor

Peter Evonuk

Peter Evonuk is a farm boy, door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, appliance delivery dude, construction worker, roofer, metalsmith, sculptor, art instructor, and social satirist from the island of Maui. Peter received his BFA in Sculpture/Metalsmithing and jewelry from the University of Oregon and his MFA in Metalsmithing from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He serves as an instructor and studio manager for the Jewelry and Metalsmithing department at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Peter’s work explores human ingenuity and discovery through the redesign and subversion of the ubiquitous utilitarian device. Chairs, lamps mouse traps and teapots, all products produced to address the most basic needs of society, are hijacked, dissected and used as compositional framework for polemic objects.

Materials & Tools 

There will be a $35 materials fee for this workshop which includes the copper sheet and a disc, as well as extra solder and supplies needed for the project.

Students should bring 
  • Sandpaper/Sanding sticks
  • Large file (Metalwerx has these available for use, but students who already have them, may want to bring their own)



Materials Cost



Peter Evonuk


September 20 -22, 2019


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


3 days

Intermediate and above
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