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Twin Peaks: A Two-Stone Ring Adventure

What could possibly be better than a nice, juicy cabochon ring? Maybe a ring with two juicy cabs in gold bezels? Juicy is a technical term by the way, coined and artfully utilized by Alex to describe stones with only the highest "juice factor". In this 3-session virtual class, Alex will teach students how to fabricate a sturdy yet elegant open concept ring with two cabs set in 22k gold with a silver border. He will cover fusing 22k, making a tapered ring shank, bezel setting like a pro, hammer hand-piece texturing, liver of sulfur patination, and many other tips and tricks that he'll dish out throughout the course.

Meet the instructor

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When Alex Boyd was a young boy he stole an enchanted ring from a powerful bruja. That night his slumber was disturbed by a tapping at his window. When he slid the window open a huge raven rushed in, flew around the room and perched on his bookshelf. "I know what you have taken from me," the raven cawed.  "I don't know what you’re talking about," Alex lied, hiding his bejeweled finger behind his back. "No matter.  It is your problem now. The wearer of that ring is indentured to create more talismans of power, either for 1000 years or until he makes something so sublime, so perfect, so beautiful that the spell is broken and he is freed." "1000 years it is," Alex said as he thrust the raven out the window and slammed it shut behind her.  He has been making jewelry ever since. 

Visit www.alexboydstudio.com to view Alex's work. 

Materials & Tools

The instructor has provided a list of suggested supplies that will be used for course demonstrations and objectives, which can be found by clicking HERE. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is encouraged but not required - observers are more than welcome. Any questions regarding the linked materials should be addressed directly to the instructor.

A materials kit will available directly from the instructors - a link to Alex's kit will be provided one month prior to class. A list of kit items can be seen in the link of suggested course supplies above. 


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