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Jeff joins us for this fast paced workshop to present students with an opportunity to advance stone setting knowledge while gaining hands-on exposure to a range of different approaches and techniques. Students will gain a good understanding of a variety of stone setting concepts. From there participants will be able to chart a path to discerning what’s relevant to their work and mastering what you need to know. During the five days, participants will learn and practice innovative bezel setting tips, prong-setting, channel-setting, flush-setting, graver-setting, gypsy-setting, waxwork & casting for stonesetting and more.  The class will benefit students from beginners to advanced, who want to learn more about stone-setting.

Some of the samples could be made into finished pieces, like earrings or pendants; others will be just technical models. Participants may bring their some of their own metal, stones, & settings to practice with or to make side projects if time allows.

For the final project of the class, student will have the option to choose from two different focuses, please see the Materials and Tools section of this class listing to prepare yourself for either project. 


Meet the Instructor

Jeff Georgantes

Jeff Georgantes has a MFA in Jewelry/Metals from CSU, Fullerton and a BA in Art and a MA in Sculpture, both from CSU, Humboldt. He taught Art at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA, for fifteen years and has taught numerous visiting artist workshops across the USA. He helped develop and coordinate the Jewelry/Metals program at the Mendocino Art Center from the early 1990s until 2005 when he started his position as head of the Jewelry/Metals program at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. His work can be seen in Alan Revere's book, The Art of Jewelry.

Materials & Tools 

There is a $65 materials fee that is payable upon registration. The materials kit includes sterling silver wire and tubing, settings, burs, and accessories necessary to do projects. Students will create a series of samples demonstrating each of the settings in the description. 

Students should bring 


Most of the materials for the class projects are supplied in the materials fee, with the exception of the culminating projects. For those, pick one of these options:

  1. Cast a sterling silver, gyspy-set ring with a cabochon or round faceted top stone & flush or graver set side stones

  2. Bezel-set pendant or ring w/cabochon or cabochon-like found object. Optional faceted side stones.

For option #1, you’ll need a cabochon, round faceted stones and a half to one ounce of silver casting grain. Jeff will have stones and metal for sale, if you prefer to decide in class. 

For option #2, you’ll need a cabochon, or cabochon-like found object. For that you’ll need silver, sheet, wire and bezel. Again, Jeff will have stones and silver for sale.


Required Tools:

Metalwerx has pliers, saw frames, and many hand tools available for use during class. However, students may have to share. If you already own these tools, we suggest bring them with you to class. If you want to purchase them, suggested resources include Otto Frei and Rio Grande. Please call or email us at Metalwerx if you have questions or if we can help.

  • Pliers: needle nose, round nose, flat nose
  • Flush cut or semi-flush cut wire cutters
  • 1 each: 2 and 4 cut half round, 6" files with handles
  • Needle files
  • Jeweler's saw frame
  • 1 or 2 dozen jeweler’s saw blades (2/0 is a good size for all around work)
  • Bur lubricant, (bur lube, bur life, ect.)
  • Exacto knife or scapel knife
  • Small dividers, 3" good size
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Layout supplies, (paper, pencil, extra fine point permanent marker, ruler, calipers, etc.)
  • Tooth brush
  • optivisor or strong reading glasses


  • 10x jeweler's loupe
  • Metal, stones, findings and chain: if you want to make some side projects outside of the class assignments
  • Books or other sources of creative inspiration, examples of your work to share with the class, anything else you think you should bring



Materials Cost



Jeff Georgantes


August 15 -19, 2018


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


5 days

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