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Stone Setting Comprehensive

In this onsite weekly course, students will learn a variety of stone setting techniques that can be added to their jewelry making practice.

Starting off with one of the more basic stone setting techniques, students will learn how to bezel set a round/oval stone, as well as a square or rectangular stone. Students will then learn how to make prong settings with a base plate as well as a more delicate, double-sided prong without a base. This course will additionally cover incorporating tubes into a jewelry design, challenging students with the more experimental “prong-tube setting” – a riff off of the classic prong setting technique. Finally, students will learn how to drill through stones to create a riveted bail, which unlike other techniques, does not require any sort of “seat” for the stone or the use of a torch!

The course will emphasize demonstrations on each of these stone setting technique. Students will complete a brass sample piece each week to solidify what they’ve learned. After learning and practicing, course curriculum will shift to making portion of the class. Students will be encouraged to design an original piece of jewelry that incorporates two (or more!) of the techniques they’ve learned or a series of work demonstrating their newfound skills.

Meet the instructor

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Allie is a Santa Clarita, CA native. During her younger years, she and her family rooted in a quaint town outside of Boston, MA. Allie later went on to attend Massachusetts College of Art & Design, where she graduated with a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing.

Started in January 2020, Allie Keast Jewelry emerged as a creative means to capture and transform the many beautiful elements that surround and influence us. Inspired by her love of collecting ephemera; jewelry making has facilitated her desire to give these findings a new life.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to last, using hand sourced and recycled materials from all over, but predominantly from the Northern East Coast.

Allie's work has been featured in Milano Jewelry Drops, MassArt and the Fuller Craft Museum. You can catch her at various Artisan Markets selling her work throughout New England.

When Allie isn't in her studio, you can find her scurrying the New England sea shores for lost shells and stones, or lounging with her best bud and ANK mascot, Rusty the bearded dragon. 

Visit www.alliekeastjewelry.com to view Allie's work. 

Materials & Tools

There is a $110 materials fee for this class that is payable upon registration. The materials kit fee covers fine silver bezel strip, jewelers brass, solder (easy, medium, hard), sterling silver sheet metal, saw blades, sterling silver round wire (10g, 14g, 16g, 18g, 20g), brass wire (16g, 18g), round cabochon, rectangular cabochon, sterling silver tubing, brass tubing, diamond core drill bits, vanadium single-cut flame bur, and other miscellaneous items needed to complete projects.


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