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Set It & Forget It: Part 2

This virtual course is a direct follow-up to Set It & Forget It: Part 1. In this class, students will build off of the knowledge and techniques learned in the first workshop while taking steps forward into more complicated settings. Emphasis will be placed on settings for faceted stones. We will cover tube and prong settings, as well as variations of both of these that add a unique touch to your work. The instructor will demo step-by-step processes and students will have access to a cheat sheet handout to reference later in their own work. 

For more information about virtual courses, visit our Virtual Course FAQ page. 

Please read the Materials & Tools tab! 

Meet the instructor

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Jennifer Wells is a studio artist and educator originally from the U.S but currently living in Italy. She holds an MFA, in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design and has completed artist-in- residencies at: Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC and the Jentel Foundation near Banner, WY. She has worked for several U.S based Craft Schools, in a variety of roles.

As an educator, Jennifer has taught for and been a visiting Artist at Universities throughout the U.S and for study abroad programs based in Italy. She serves on the Board of Vita Institute and teaches short workshops on various enameling and metalsmithing techniques throughout Europe and the U.S. In recent years she has curated multiple international exhibitions focused on jewelry and enameling.

Her works are in the collections of the Enamel Arts Foundation, Racine Museum, All Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, Yale University Art Gallery, Crocker Art Museum and Private Collections.

Materials & Tools

The following supplies will be used for course demonstrations and objectives. A suggested item and/or vendor has been provided below for reference. Click the vendor name (in red) to be redirected to a page where you can find the item. The quantities needed for each item are listed first. If ordering, please be aware that some items may come in larger quantities than needed for this class. We recommend not opening an item's packaging until the day of the workshop. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is strongly encouraged but not required - observers are welcome.

Part 2 materials (note all other items are the same as in part 1):

Torch setup:

Hand tools (note if you have no flex shaft, you can get the optional pin vise instead): 

Other/miscellaneous items:

  • fine point sharpie marker
  • masking tape
  • packing tape
  • dental floss
  • particulate dust mask
  • eye protection
  • old tooth brush
  • green scrubby pad
  • ajax/bar keepers friend/pumice based cleaner

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