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    Karen.Two Screw Chain Bracelets in silver and silver
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    Karon.Rhino Weave Four Bracelets
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Rhino Weaves Part 1 & 2: Barrel and Screw Chain Bracelets

The morning session is designed for beginning chain maille weavers and serves as an introduction chain maille as well as an introduction to the Rhino family of chain maille weaves. The class will begin with a presentation covering the basics of chain maille (using tools, handling jump rings, opening/closing techniques, common weaving problems and fixes, chain maille terminology, etc.). After the presentation, students will learn how to construct Barrel Weave by completing a bracelet in sterling silver. Other weaves discussed in this session will be Rhinos Snorting Drano (RSD) and Keg of Makers Mark. Each of the 3 weaves is based on a simple 1-2-1-2 chain.  Although this is a beginner level class, more experienced weavers might also enjoy this class and are welcome to enroll.

The afternoon session is designed for intermediate level weavers. Students will learn how to construct Screw Chain weave by completing a bracelet in sterling silver. Other weaves discussed in this session will be Prejudiced Rhinos, Prejudiced Rhinos Everywhere and Prejudiced Rhino Sheet. Each of these weaves is based on Bias European 4-in-1 weave structure. An understanding of Bias European 4-in-1 will be helpful but is not necessary for enrollment. It is assumed that students who enroll are proficient weavers, know the difference between Through-the-Eye and Around-the-Eye connections, and understand gauge, inner/outer diameter and aspect ratio.

Meet the instructor

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Jewelry designer and author, Karen Karon, has been weaving maille for well over a decade. She teaches chain maille and scale maille classes and workshops at Metalwerx School for Jewelry and Metal Arts, at local venues, and also provides private chain maille/scale maille instruction. In addition, Karen is a certified PMC (Precious Metal Clay) artisan. Karen has written articles for Art Jewelry, Bead Style, Bead&Button and Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazines and is the author of Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop and Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop, both published by Interweave.  Her jewelry can be purchased at Loveday in West Concord, MA. 

See Karen’s work on her website (karenkaron.com) or visit her on Facebook and Instagram.

Materials & Tools

There is a $120 materials fee for these two workshops payable upon registration. Kit includes 365 sterling silver jump rings in 18g, lobster claws, and a full color Karen Karon handouts with step by step instructions. 

Materials kit fee is lower than taking each workshop individually do to the price break for jump rings ordered through the seller. 

Students should bring
  • 2 x personal flat nose pliers - smooth jaw (Metalwerx has some)

  • personal optivisors

  • polyester foam bead mat - optional (Fire Mountain)


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