It's More Than Forging!

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About this course

The goal of this workshop is to develop controlled forging skills beyond the usual limits and comforts of traditional cold forging. Students will be challenged to plan forms and target their hammer blows; making every blow controlled and relevant to the form. When control is achieved the possibilities are endless. Starting with copper, students will complete exercises designed to increase proficiency and accuracy in hammering and forging techniques. These exercises will then be translated onto silver, where participants will have the opportunity to applying techniques such as flaring, creating fin rims, and even forging channels for stone setting. Ambitious students may channel set faceted stones or hand cut stones to fit the channels. Students will take home their copper exercises as well as whatever project(s) they complete in the class. 

Meet the Instructor

Sessin Durgham

Sessin Durgham is an award-winning designer and recently designed the Founder's Award presented to Eddie Bell at the 25th Anniversary of Santa Fe Symposium as well as the ceremonial mace for Northern Arizona University (his alma mater). He has also won both a Saul Bell Award and Spectrum Award. Currently, he is a member of the Technical Support team at Rio Grande. Sessin holds a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and presented a technical paper on pulse arc welding at 2014 Santa Fe Symposium held this past spring. Read more about the Sante Fe Symposium at this link:

Materials & Tools 

There is a $60 materials fee for this workshop that is payable to the instructor during class. This materials kit includes various gauges and shapes of copper wire as well as several gauges of round sterling silver wire and other tools necessary to complete the projects. 

Students should bring 
  • Your favorite planishing and/or forming hammers
  • A small anvil (only if you have one that it is easy to transport)
  • Any additional silver or gold wire that you would like to use beyond what will be supplied (8 or 6 gauge wire is recommended)




Materials Cost

Payable to instructor in class.


Sessin Durgham


August 2 -6, 2017


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


5 days

Intermediate and above
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