It Ain't Just a Drill: Getting the Most Out Of Your Flex Shaft (DEMO DAY)

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So, you're a jeweler or metalsmith about to be stranded on a desert island. You can  bring only one tool. (Oh yeah, the island has electricity). What tool do you bring? If you were Andy Cooperman you’d most likely bring your Flexible Shaft machine. It may be the most versatile tool at the bench. And yet for many makers it’s also the most underutilized and least understood. Here’s your chance to gain a deeper understanding of this marvelous tool and expand your vocabulary of flexible shaft techniques and applications. 

It Ain’t Just A Drill is a one-day demonstration-based workshop, exploring some of the techniques and tools related to using your flexshaft and some eye-opening innovative tricks as well. The instructor will cover the basic machine itself--from the motor, down the shaft to the speed control and handpiece-- and will discuss the use of burrs, bits, grinding, shaping, finishing and polishing aids: the stuff they didn't teach you in school. Please note: this class is oriented around demonstration and will not include opportunities for work time for students. 

Meet the Instructor

Andrew Cooperman

Since 1984, metalsmith Andy Cooperman has lived and worked in Seattle where he builds jewelry and small objects for museum exhibitions, galleries and private clients.

His work has been featured in many publications, including Penland Book of Jewelry and the new book Humor in Craft and is held in private and public collections that include the Victoria and Albert Museum, Central College in Pella Iowa and the Tacoma Art Museum.

Andy teaches and lectures nationally and taught in the metals program at the University of Washington 2006 - 2008. His work has been shown recently in Esoterica: Through the Looking Glass, a Tributaries solo exhibition at The National Ornamental Metals Museum in Memphis and in Radical Alchemy in the Courthouse Galleries, Portsmouth, Virginia. Andy was honored to be selected as the 2011-2012 Eric Yake Kenagy Visiting Artist at Goshen College, Goshen Indiana which included an exhibition of his work, Disparate Elements at the Goshen College Hershberger Art Gallery.

Students should bring 

This workshop is demonstration-based so there are no required materials, but please be sure to come prepared with questions as well as a notebook and something to write with. 




Andrew Cooperman


July 10, 2019


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


1 day

Intermediate and above
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