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Fuse, Pattern, Form: Mokume Gane Start to Finish

In this intensive 5-day course, create a small mokume gane cup form or box from scratch while learning the secrets of this ancient Japanese metalworking technique that creates captivating and unique swirls of metal alloys. Students will first fuse a silver and copper billet using time, heat, and pressure (no solder), then they’ll forge and roll the billet down into sheet. After seeing detailed demonstrations of Anne's metamorphic patterning techniques, students will begin to pattern their own silver billet, while planning out their volumetric form.

We'll be using the hydraulic press with deep-draw attachments for a quick and amazing transformation of patterned sheet into volume. Multiple design ideas for finished pieces will be shown, with options for different levels of experience.

Detailed handouts including step-by-steps and equipment sources will be provided so you can practice and repeat the techniques in your own studio. Experience annealing and soldering silver is strongly recommended.

Meet the instructor

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Anne Wolf earned her MFA in Jewelry/Metals at San Diego State University in 1999. Based in San Diego, California, Wolf has been teaching online and in-person jewelry/metals courses and workshops since 2003. Her mokume gane metalwork has been shown across the U.S. and in international locations such as Hanau, Germany and Tsubame, Japan. Wolf has studied under Japanese metalwork masters such as Ford Hallam, Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski, and James Binnion.

Materials & Tools

There is a $80 materials fee for this course which is payable upon registration. The materials kit fee covers cost of the following kit items and studio supplies:

  • mokume gane kit items needed for class - provided by instructor in class

    • copper sheet - for billets (students provide their own fine silver)

    • fusing consumables including plastic tubs, grade 8 nuts and bolts, stainless foil, activated charcoal, scotchbrite, use of stainless steel torque plates and steel tongs

    • practice copper/brass mokume blank

    • sanding and polishing kit

    • patina and wax kit

  • simple green cleaner

  • dishsoap

  • citric acid

  • distilled water

  • non-powdered disposable gloves

  • blue shop towels

  • blue masking tape

  • liver of sulfur

  • #2/0 sawblade

  • wet / dry sandpaper - 280 and 400

  • soldering / torch area and required consumables


The following tools and supplies will be available to students as well:

  • hydraulic press and required additons

  • rolling mill – flat rollers, minimum 3" width

  • electric kilns

  • variable speed bandsaw

  • 12" solderite boards

  • anvils

  • plastic or rawhide mallets

  • forging hammers

  • hammers for stamp tools

  • wooden dapping blocks and punches

  • aviation shears

  • small vises

  • heatguns 

  • use of full Metalwerx extensive communal studio tools / setup


Students should bring

NOTE: Metalwerx has many of the following for communal use, but we recommend you bring your own / extra if you have them or if you do not want to wait to use a communal tool / item. Items marked as requested, have been requested on behalf of the instructor and will not be available from Metalwerx for communal use or purchase.

  • 3"x6" x fine silver sheet 20g - requested

  • coarse hardware store type file (axe file by Nicholson works great)

  • sawframe

  • stamp tools or chasing tools, 3-5, simple small shapes

  • measuring calipers; digital or dial

  • safety glasses

  • ear protection

  • leather work gloves - requested

  • cotton clothing

  • 6” ruler

  • extra-fine Sharpie, pen and notebook - requested

  • personal optivisor

  • hand files

  • needles files

  • sanding sticks

  • safety glasses or reading glasses - for working up close

  • other personal hand tools (if not wishing to share communal tools)

  • studio apron

  • studio towel

  • closed-toe shoes - required in the Metalwerx studio

  • lunch - Metalwerx has a fridge, toaster oven, and microwave


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