Fine Silver Granulation

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Granulation is an ancient technique that involves fusing small spheres of silver or gold onto a piece of jewelry as a decorative element. Many artists still practice this antique technique with contemporary patterns, harmoniously blending the old and new. This three-day workshop starts off by teaching the basics of fusing fine silver wire and sheet, before moving on to learn granulation techniques. The instructor will show the entire granulation process, including how to make granules, proper preparation of metals, setting up a design, fusing fine silver, and clean-up. Take a step back in time and learn how this fascinating process can enhance your metal designs. Good torch skills a must!

Meet the Instructor

Jill Hurant

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jill Hurant’s creativity began by watching her mother, a talented artist in her own right. Jill was always creating something be it embroidered jeans, handmade belts or handbags. “I’ve always had the need to be doing something with a creative edge.” She left Ohio in the early 70’s to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. While there she met and married her husband and then moved to New Jersey. Nine years ago a friend of Jill’s encouraged her to visit a woman who was taking classes at the Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan. Her friend said that she knew Jill would find the process of jewelry making fascinating. That visit changed Jill’s life. Although too intimidated for a year to call the school, Jill finally scheduled a class and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I had never done anything like working with metal before and I found it incredibly fascinating. How from a flat sheet of metal or piece of wire one could produce an object of such beauty. Learning the ancient techniques of fusing and granulation was fascinating. I felt left back in time to another place. It’s the process of hand fabricating the piece that is enthralling. The end result or the beauty of the piece is just ‘the icing on the cake’ for me.”

As Jill became more immersed in the jewelry making process, she began to take classes all over the east coast, to increase her skills and knowledge. “Even with all the techniques I have learned I still love granulation and the richness of the 22k gold. I have tried to take this ancient technique and give it a more modern edge.” With its classical beauty, Jill’s jewelry has a timeless elegance.

Materials & Tools 

There is a materials fee for this workshop, which is payable to the instructor on the first day of class. It is estimated to cost $65 and includes fine silver round wire in 22, 24 and 28 gauge, as well as 26 gauge fine silver sheet. In addition, students will also receive a charcoal block, solderite pad, and a 000 paint brush to pick up the granules.

Students should bring 
  • Fine AA Tweezers
  • Stones - There will be a demo on using a stone in a piece so that students understand the process. However, there may not be time to practice at class. If you have a stone that is 3-5mm you can bring it to class just in case.
  • Sandpaper-180, 320, or finer grits, or polishing papers(green, grey, blue and pink)
  • Sewing needle or twist drill bit that is .033 in diameter for making granules
  • Files

Metalwerx has the following supplies on hand, but you may have to share. Students are welcome to bring them if they like:

  • Pliers- round, flat, chain nose
  • Metal scissors- to cut sheet metal with (Joyce Chen)
  • Scissors or flush cutter- you will need a sharp pointed pair of scissors or flush cutters to cut small coils to make the granules. If you have flush cutters, please bring them to class. A baby scissors with the bird as the handle works really well.
  • Micrometer/digital caliper
  • Ring or bezel mandrels
  • Saw frame

Optional Supplies: Nice to have, but not required

  • Loupe or magnifier to check granules



Materials Cost

Payable to instructor in class.


Jill Hurant


March 15 -17, 2019


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


3 days

Intermediate and above
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