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A Feast of Textures with Chasing and Repoussé

In this 5-day intensive, students will learn the unique and exciting processes of chasing and repoussé. Chasing means adding detail and texture to the front of a sheet of metal or cast metal piece using steel chasing tools. Repoussé means to punch up from the back of the sheet to give it form and volume, readying it for texturing and detailing. Students will learn the traditional approach of working the metal while held in pitch (a pine resin-based material), which has been practiced for hundreds of years around the world.  

The emphasis of this class is on making textures in metal using chasing tools and punches. These include surface textures such as a variety of line-based and stamped textures applied in unique ways to create your own vocabulary of marks, and three-dimensional textures accomplished with repoussé tools. The instructor will bring a large collection of sample pieces made with the techniques learned in class and which will be available to see and handle. Students will be making their own sample pieces and will be developing the skills to create and use these textures in their own work.

Different chasing tools match different students’ needs and artistic expressions. The instructor will bring a broad range of chasing tools and punches for the students to try out and use during class. Students will also be taught to make a variety of shaped steel chasing tools during class. There will be time to make at least one liner and a texture tool.

Please note: Safe studio practices will be emphasized, including how to handle the tools correctly so that students can chase and repoussé for many years.

Meet the instructor

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Nancy Mēgan Corwin is a jeweler/metalsmith, teacher and writer in the field of art metals. She teaches workshops around the United States, Canada and England including Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, Arrowmont School of Crafts in Tennesse and at West Dean College in Chichester, England.

In 2009 Mēgan published a book on the techniques of chasing and repoussé, titled “Chasing and Repoussé: Methods Ancient and Modern,” which is in it’s second printing and is currently available for purchase through jewelry suppliers and Amazon.com. The October 2009 issue of Ornament magazine featured Mēgan with her piece “Tiara” on the cover and with a lead article. She has curated two shows in conjunction with the book: “Metal Magic, Chasing and Repoussé” with Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA 2009 and the 2010 exhibition “Chased + Repoussé” at Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

In 2010 Mēgan exhibited with Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA as part of the exclusive series titled “Signs of Life.” This annual exhibition is the brainchild of the owner, Karen Lorene. She chooses nine nationally known jewelry artists and the same number of well-published novelists and poets, and produces a magazine in which the writers receive an image of one of the artists’ works and uses that as inspiration for a creative piece. These magazines are beautifully produced and are archives of jewelry art and literature. 
Mēgan has work in a number of private collections throughout the United States, in The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England, The State University of New Mexico Art Gallery at Las Cruces in their permanent collection, and at the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington in their permanent collection. Mēgan exhibits her work at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA.

Materials & Tools

There is a $33 materials fee for this course which is payable directly to Metalwerx upon registration. The materials kit fee covers 10 sheets of 3"x3" copper sheet (22g), wet/dry sandpaper (180, 320, 400, 600), particulate mask, 2/0 sawblades, lint-free cotton rags, heavy duty aluminum foil, tape, isopropyl alcohol, and use of other miscellaneous consumable items needed for workshop objectives.

There is a $10 materials fee for this course which is payable directly to the instructor during the workshop. The materials kit fee covers 4”x4” piece of ¼” faux bone sheet (non-toxic PVC developed by Robert Dancik at fauxbone.com) to be used for dies, one faux bone blade for cutting the sheet, 2 steel rods for making chasing tools.

Students should bring

NOTE: Metalwerx has many of the following for communal use, but we recommend you bring your own / extra if you have them or if you do not want to wait to use a communal tool / item. Items marked as requested, have been requested on behalf of the instructor and will not be available from Metalwerx for communal use or purchase. 

  • pitch bowl 7.5” min. diameter - with base

    • Only red and green pitch are allowed in the studio - no black pitch.

    • If bringing your own pitch bowl, instructor requests bowl be filled PRIOR to class with the pitch rising slightly above the rim, forming a "mound' or domed shape. A document will be sent after registration on how to properly fill a bowl of pitch.

    • Below are two options if students wish to purchase their own. You may need slightly more pitch than comes in the 4.4lb brick to make your "mound". Will be outlined in pitch document sent after registration. Click vendor name to view items.

    • bowl, base, and pitch (Otto Frei)

    • bowl and base (Rio Grande), pitch (Rio Grande)

  • chasing hammer

    • If bringing your own chasing hammer the instructor has suggested any of the following as good options. You will need to call All Craft if going that route.

    • Economy Chasing Hammer (All Craft - Part # 0778086)

    • Chasing Hammer #1 (All Craft - Part # 077-0804)

    • Nechamkin 3oz. (Otto Frei)

    • Picard 6oz. (Rio Grande)

  • chasing tools (optional) 

    • Instructor will be bringing tools for students to use during class. These in-class tools will   not be available for sale but are made by a variety of tool makers and come in many styles and lengths. The students are encouraged to use them to determine what tools work best. The tools are available from the tool makers and can be ordered directly from them.

  • 3 x lip balm with no additives like flavoring - requested

  • extra metal - students with prior experience can bring brass or sterling silver

  • findings (optional) - in case a sample becomes a pieces

  • cotton apron or all cotton clothes - requested

  • ear plugs

  • safety glasses or goggles – must have sides

  • ball point pen (will be ruined for writing) - requested

  • any flex shaft tools

    • Such as split mandrels for strips of sandpaper, polishing wheels, including course ones, separate mandrels for separating discs (all these are optional and depend on the type of tools you may be making). Metalwerx has communal items, but we cannot guarantee we have what you may need. 

  • any old large files that can be used on steel (instructor brining some)

  • dapping tools (optional)

  • letter and/or number stamps (optional)

  • personal optivisor

  • hand files

  • needle files

  • extra sanding sticks

  • safety glasses or reading glasses - for working up close

  • other personal hand tools (if not wishing to share communal tools)

  • studio apron

  • studio towel

  • closed-toe shoes - required in the Metalwerx studio

  • lunch - Metalwerx has a fridge, toaster oven, and microwave


For any questions about these supplies, please email Mēgan at [email protected].


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