Custom Prong Settings for Unique Stones

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About this course

This three day workshop involves an interesting concept - the juxtaposition of fine jewelry techniques with "alternative" materials of little or no monetary value. In this case we are building and setting a classic solitaire mounting from wire and plate, integrating a forged shank with a claw/prong setting and underbezel. The integral underbezel serves as canvas for detail not visible when worn, known only to the wearer and maker. The stone to be set will be a pebble or rock found on a beach or other unassuming place. 

Students will fabricate one ring of the type shown in the photo.

Concepts and techniques taught include integrating a setting, underbezel, and shank into one cohesive construction; fabricating a secure setting; the underbezel as design element; forging, piercing, soldering; prefinishing; setting an irregular “cabochon” stone; and finishing.

Meet the Instructor

Steven Parker

Over the years, Steven Parker has been active in the design and manufacture of product in two industries – toys and jewelry. His work brings together the knowledge culled from that experience with the elements of mechanics, narrative, and an interactive experience woven throughout. Another element present in some of Mr. Parker's work may be apparent in the discoveries of Mr. Parker’s alter ego, Dr. Kent Streaver – a barely perceptible hint of parody.

Materials & Tools 
There is a $60 materials fee for this course made payable upon registration. The kit includes sterling silver sheet and wire, precision watchmaker's tweezers, and various flex-shaft attachments, supplies and materials necessary for completing the project.
Students should bring 
  • Pebble(s):  Driveways or beaches are a good source, and your instructor will have a selection to choose from
Metalwerx has the following items, but if students have any of these items, they are encouraged to bring them:
  • Large flat hand file approx 20mm wide,  cut 0, with handle
  • Needle files, large -  half round, triangle, equaling, cut 2
  • Ring clamp          
  • Large half round pliers
  • Saw frame
  • Dividers, small and accurate
  • Vernier or digital caliper



Materials Cost



Steven Parker


May 19 -21, 2017


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


3 days

Intermediate and above
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