Colorful Silver Pendants at Weston AIC

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Add color and style to jewelry with resin inlay! This fascinating process allows students to expand their color palette and design repertoire without a torch or kiln. Every step of this procedure will be demonstrated from inlay to curing and finishing. Students will make color samples to learn to use resin and then embellish and complete a colorful sterling silver pendant to wear home.  This is a great way to add absolutely any color you can think of to a piece of jewelry.

*Please note: This workshop is happening offsite at the Weston Art and Innovation Center (about ten minutes from Metalwerx).

Please visit their website for directions and information on parking. 

Meet the Instructor

Wendy Jo New

"Growing up, I always was mesmerized by sparkling gemstones and metals and I often incorporate something illuminating into my designs. Whether or not I intricately plan a jewelry piece in advance of producing it or just spontaneously fabricate one as I go along, the result is inevitably something that is unique with a contemporary flair that complements, rather than overwhelms, a wearer. When designing jewelry or other metal work, I always think about whether I would wear it, use it, and/or display it. Anyone who knows me sees a reflection of me in what I design.

I produce fine contemporary jewelry and other metal designs primarily in the precious metals of silver, argentium, gold, and/or palladium. These are often further defined with the addition of texturing, gemstones and other unique lapidary, or resin inlay. I also manufacture photo-etched metal cover plates which may be attached to journals or framed. Larger etchings are used in buildings as entry door logos, addresses, and the like.

In addition to participating in art shows, sales, and doing commission work, I love providing instruction in jewelry design and metal fabrication.  My work can be seen and purchased at galleries and stores, as well as in my own online store.  Designing and fabricating engagement and wedding bands and other jewelry, often with people's stones, is particularly meaningful to me."


Materials & Tools 

The $30 materials fee, payable upon registration, includes enough silver, resin, and other consumable materials to complete a finished necklace to wear home! 

Students should bring 

These items are optional, but helpful if you have them.

  • A blow dryer, or little heat gun if they have one.
  • Any dry pigment such as eye shadow (that you don't want anymore!) or spices to use as a color. We will have plenty of pigment on hand for students to use during class.



Materials Cost



Wendy Jo New


October 23, 2019


6:00 PM -9:00 PM


1 day

All Levels
Weston Art and Innovation Center
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