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Color on Metal: Alternative Approaches

This demo focused virtual workshop will explore the use of gesso and colored pencils on metal as a method for applying color onto metal. Acrylic gesso is ready-to-use liquid-grounds formulated for the use with acrylic paints and other media on any commonly used painting surface, including metal. Gesso provides a "tooth" that promotes the adhesion of your choice of medium including colored pencils and other drawing media. Numerous examples will ignite your imagination for adding color into and onto your metal work! The possibilities are endless!

Meet the instructor

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Marilyn da Silva’s work is based on telling stories through imagery and representational elements. Her trademark surface treatment of gesso and colored pencil creates a rich palette for her sculpture and wearable pieces. Her work has been displayed nationally and internationally. Marilyn is a professor in the Jewelry/Metal Arts program at CCA, an ACC Fellow and Master Metalsmith at NOMM.

Materials & Tools

The instructor has provided a materials list that can be found by clicking HERE. As always, materials for virtual courses with Metalawerx do not need to be purchased if students prefer to wait until after the class to decide what they need based off instructor feedback. 

Students should bring
  • notebook - for notes

  • pen / pencil - for notes


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