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CampFIRE: LGBTQ+ Teen Jewelry Camp

CampFIRE is a learning environment for queer teens to explore their identity, voices, and creative practices as artists.

The instructors, Nanette Pengelley and Sulo Bee, will help students envision themselves in the field of metalsmithing through skill building, experimentation, and communication. By learning about active queer makers, students will gain an understanding of the diversity in materials, voices, and studio practices in the field of jewelry and metalsmithing. Most importantly, we will build a community through making art work and a safe space for each other.

During CampFIRE students will learn various traditional and non-traditional techniques such as sawing and piercing, surface texturing, sanding and finishing, annealing, cold connections, color on metal, and object setting. Students will take away a wearable or non-wearable object of their choice for each project of the day and samples galore!

CampFIRE is open to youth ages 13-18. Scholarships are available for this program and we are accepting applications now! Apply now.

Meet the instructor

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Sulo Bee is a nonbinary interdisciplinary metalsmith and maker based in Central Texas. They hold a BFA in Metals and Jewelry from Texas State University in 2018 and an MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2022. Sulo has exhibited their work nationally and internationally with various galleries, and Jewelry Weeks in Budapest, Milan, and New York. They are a co-founder of Queer Metalsmiths where they seek to uplift queer voices in the field of metalsmithing and craft. During NYC Jewelry Week 2022 they served as a panelist on "Identity Adorned: The Intersection of Jewelry and Queerness" at the Museum of Art and Design. Sulo is represented by INTRO by Galerie Marzee in the Netherlands and Sifuentes Metalsmith in San Antonio, Texas.

Nanette Pengelley is a queer, Jamaican-American artist and metalsmith born in south Florida. She went on to study in Quito, Boston, and Florence. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015 with her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Nanette has been exploring her practice within her brand, Hew Jewelry, splitting her time between teaching fibers and metalsmithing courses in New England and North Carolina.

Materials & Tools

There is a $65 materials fee for this course which is payable upon registration. The materials kit fee covers cost of the following kit items and studio supplies:

  • Brass Wire 20 gauge

  • Copper Wire 20 gauge

  • Copper Sheet 20 gauge

  • Brass Sheet 20 gauge

  • Toaster Oven for powder coat

  • Laminating Sheets and Laminator

  • 3/0 sawblades

  • 4/0 sawblades

  • Burr-life

  • Tracing Paper Notebook 8.5x11

  • Printer Paper

  • Sharpies

  • Colorful Markers

  • old jewlery, beads, toys

  • sanding disc (coarse) plastic

  • Sanding disc (medium) plastic

  • Mandrels for above

  • sand paper (100, 220, 400, 600)

  • steel wool 000

  • renaissance wax

  • liver of sulfur

  • Black patina for brass (Birchwood Casey M20)

  • drill bits, 20g equivalent (0.032" or 1/32")

  • scrap fabric 

  • rubber cement 

  • Findings (jump rings, tie tacks, earring backs)

  • Tie tack backs nickel

  • Tic tack clutch (Matches ^)

  • Solder (hard, medium, easy)

  • 20 gauge silver wire for earring hooks

  • Flux

  • Paint brushes (for flux)

  • Montana metal primer (specific spray paint)

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Asia

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Capri

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Fjord

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Crocus

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Linden Green

  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - Can2 Cool Candy

  • Powdercoating oven

  • 3 Powdercoating color

  • Respirators and Dust masks (N95)

Students should bring
  • notebook / pencil - for notes and sketching

  • any cool objects they want to disassemble to make jewelry

  • reading glasses - for working up close

  • 100% cotton clothing - for comfort and fire safety

  • studio towel - a towel for drying wet metal / hands

  • closed-toe shoes - required in the Metalwerx studio

  • lunch - Metalwerx has a fridge, toaster oven, and microwave

    • Metalwerx will provide a simple lunch but we suggest students bring extra snacks and other foods they enjoy.


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