Tricks of the Trade

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Wendy Jo New, a teacher and studiomate at Metalwerx, shares a few tips and tricks that she uses when soldering ear posts or ear wires to earrings and a bezel to a backing.  These definitely save time and help with accuracy when fabricating pieces.

Wood-carved jewelry maker, Ashley Ernest, shares some tricks to keep your slippery pieces in place while you work at your bench! Make an economical, cushioned surface to protect your work with these easy to follow steps!

As I look around my studio I realize I'm a collector- of pebbles, bones bits of glass from my travels. Twigs,seed pods, leaves seem to end up in my coat pockets  these bits and pieces act eventually as subjects for reference and even make their way into finished pieces of jewelry. The puzzle for me is what to do with all of the gatherings -- what's the best way of trapping or setting a found object?