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Finishing a crocheted project can be a challenge.  Perhaps one has used a colored wire or pearls and is unable to solder on a clasp or finding.  Perhaps the wire being crocheted is too fine to use as a connector.  Here are step-by-step instructions for a simple solder-free solution to finishing a crocheted necklace using commercial, sterling silver cones.  

Working with Argentium® Sterling Silver is not so very different from working with traditional sterling silver. It is important, though, to know about the differences.

Do you have limited bench space? Do you find your tools and supplies constantly invading your work area? Stop the madness and try some strap-ons!

Use cable ties to strap-on containers, such as jars or medicine bottles, to lamps with extension arms and posts throughout the shop, filling them with pens, pencils, rulers, Q-tips, etc. This offers quick access to the items you use most often.