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For nearly 80 years, Rio Grande has supported the art and industry of jewelry-making with a one-stop selection backed by exemplary service, technical expertise and educational support. Passionate about their trade and devoted to their customers, Rio Grande is committed to advancing skills, serving as an ally and advocate of equality and equity and sharing the stories of every maker. 

The Rio for Schools program exists to support you by providing extra savings on products and services, educational resources and access to industry knowledge. 







10 Tools from our Spring Symposium Presenters!

 Nicole Ringgold: Eastern Repoussé Chasing Tools

 Taylor Saleem: GreenLion Studios Jeweler's Saw Frame

 David Harper Clemons: Pear-Shaped Plastic-Head Mallet

  Adam Whitney: German Black Pitch

  Paul Bartnik: Glardon Vallorbe Beading Tool & Holder Set

 Ryan Gardner: Diamond Core Drills

 Laura Wood: Slim Six-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set

 Funlola Coker: #TR5000R Italian Flush Cutters

 Tanya Crane: Rio Large Kiln with Nine Program Controller

 Mando Bee: StudioFLUX™ Bench Pin