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2018 was an exciting year for Metalwerx, filled with growth, inspiration, challenges, and successful planning that has given us the tools and confidence to make positive strides into the future.  We forged ahead with the incentive for igniting passion for metal arts.

We provide our students and studio community with the tools to enrich their lives with creativity.  In turn, so many of who we support give back in ways that inspire and encourage us to make a positive impact.

In April, Metalwerx will be hosting our fourth annual Online Auction and exhibition. It is through your support for this event that we are able to implement ideas for the future and strengthen our regional jewelry community.  Our annual Online Auction has a big impact on our ability to successfully implement our events, programs, and high quality classes and workshops.

The Metalwerx Online Auction Fundraiser will be open for bidding on eBay...

April 25 - May 5 th, 2019


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  Opening Reception                                                                                                          



April 25th, 5pm-9pm | Monique Rancourt Artisan Gallery | 289 Moody St. Waltham, MA

Join us at Monique Rancourt Gallery for a night of wine, hors d'oeuvres, and bidding for the Opening Reception of the Metalwerx Online Auction Fundraiser. The Metalwerx Online Auction has something for everyone! Discover gorgeous handmade jewelry by notable contemporary jewelers, jewelry making tools and books. 

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   Thank you to our past 2018 Donors!                                                                            

Adam Whitney
Alison Antelman
Angela Chen
Ann Dinan
Arthur Hash
Arthur  Hash
Avery Lucas
Barbara Seidenath
Betty Helen Longhi
Bill  Fretz
Bill/Curtis Heher
Bill/Curtis Heher
Bree Richey
Brian  Meek
Brie Flora
Carol Miller
Charon Kransen
Cindy Eid
Dan Lynch
Daryl  Alexander
David Baird
David Kramer
David  Aizenman
Deb  Richardson
Dick  Heidlage
Donna Agababian-Papazian
Donna Veverka
Ellen  Wieske
Ellen Carno
Emily  Glimp
Erika Jorjorian 
Hiromi Suter
Janet Haldeman
Jayne  Redman
Jenne  Rayburn
Jerry Schultz
Jesse and Azurz  McHugh
Ji Hyun Oh
Julia Crapo
Karen  Christians
Karen  Karon
Kat Cole
Kelly Conroy
Kelly Bollman
Kelly Tzannes
Kiki Kinney
Lauren Beaudoin
Len  Smith
Liliana Glenn
Lindsay  Minihan
Lisa Monahan
Liz Clark
Louis Garcia
Marlene Richey
Maureen McGann
Michael Good
Michael Balaskovitz
Munya Upin
NC Black Co
Neil  Fleming
Otto Frei SNAG
Pat  Flynn
Paulette Werger
Penny Nisenbaum
Phillip Martin
Richard Cybulski
Seth Rosen
Sharon  Stafford
Shing Hseih
Steven Parker
Susan  Weiler
Sylvia Steven
Tanya Crane
Therese Martin
Tracey Tranen
Tracey Tranen
Troy Hines
Veleta  Vanzca
Wayne Werner
Wendy Jo New
Will Vanaria
Wyatt Frei
Yuliya Doshen