Lynn Yuhr

Lynn Yuhr’s art is inspired by 2 things: a love of nature and the vivid colors that surround her living in Miami. She uses them as a focal point in her contemporary jewelry, art journals and mixed media endeavors. 

She loves being creative and is passionate about polymer clay. Exploring possibilities and overcoming obstacles in the construction of a project are her favorite parts of the creative process. Her diverse experiences directly influence her artistic life where she developed a playful yet distinctive style and a strong curiosity that propels her to follow the ‘what ifs’ and try new things.

She holds a firm belief that the act of creating something softens one’s heart and opens one’s mind.  With this philosophy, she readily shares her creative techniques and teaches both locally and nationally. Lynn shares her inspiration, polymer experience, travel and other artistics on her studio blog, Flying Squirrel Studio, as well as Instagram (@lynnyuhr). 

Upcoming Classes

Exploring Liquid Polymer Clay Virtual Course February 1-15, 2022
Coloring Outside the Lines with Polymer Clay Virtual Course March 1-8, 2022