Lauren Beaudoin

Lauren Anabela Beaudoin is an artist, metalsmith and founder of Creative Dexterity, which launched in 2007. The name reflects the ways in which her hands play a major role in her creative process, whether holding a pencil, hammer, torch or, ultimately, Lauren’s finished work. In a way, creating and dexterity go “hand in hand.”

After taking her first metalsmithing class as a teen Lauren knew this was a passion she wanted to pursue.  This led her to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in metals in 2004.  

Lauren’s design style is a considered crisp, industrial, simple yet elegant.  Her latest series include the Computer Key Jewelry, which use upcycled computer keys as a quirky commentary to contemporary culture and the Modern and O.C.D. Series which investigate shape, color and kinetic elements.  Her work can be viewed in April's 2009 Macworld Magazine addition and soon to be featured in Retrash, which was released in September of 2014

Beaudoin has been former Metals Department Head at the Worcester Center for Crafts where she continues to instruct adult school courses in the metals program. She currently resides in Western Massachusetts where she is an active studio artist.