Janelle Hinesely

Janelle is a Senior Graphic Designer and Photographer at Halstead Jewelry Making Supplies. 

"Supporting small jewelry businesses is what we are all about! Halstead began as a small biz with a young family’s dreams and a lot of hard work. Sound familiar? Our purpose is to make life easy for the thousands of jewelry studios we work with around the globe. We want to take the headaches out of sourcing so you can focus on the part of your job you love most, creating beautiful jewelry!

Beads helped us get our start, but nowadays they are a very small part of our collection. We are a full service jewelry supply firm that caters to both large and small studios in every facet of the jewelry industry (pun intended). Jewelry artists trust us for quality chain, findings and metals…to your doorstep, fast. Learn about Halstead programs, culture, and services in these informative articles.

Halstead believes in the power of small businesses to support hard working families who want to live life on their own terms. Small business drives our economy and the American dream for many entrepreneurs. We know how tough it is and we respect the tenacity it takes to build a jewelry studio. We endeavor to be an advocate and indispensable supply chain partner for small jewelry businesses around the world."

- Halstead