Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson was born in Germany where he attended an English speaking international school until the 8th grade, when he and his family moved to Overland Park, Kansas, where he attended high school.

Ian's Americanization was swift and brutal. He emerged from adolescence with a distrust of groups, a passion for the obscure, and an enduring inability to differentiate the novel from the obvious. It is these traits that pushed him out of the Midwest and towards America's eastern coastline. After finishing high school he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and later Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, a city where he remains to this day; wavering on the precipice between calculated eccentricity and heroic perversion. His work represents an attempt to treat nebulous, passing, vision as Platonic Ideal; and bring it into manifestation through fierce application of technical virtuosity.

Inside all of us there are flickering moments folding into themselves. The task is to see them, hold them in mind, and take them seriously long enough that they can become tangible.