Deborah Krupenia

Deborah Krupenia is a metalsmith well-known for her work with the technique of married metals that relies on a palette of high karat colored golds and Japanese copper alloys. She was introduced to working with these metals as a graduate student at SIU—Carbondale in the 1980's. Her work is small in scale, jewelry and vessels. As Deborah's formal preoccupations have evolved over the years, from surface design to volumetric form, her use of the gray shibuichis, black shakudos, and brown kuromido has shifted from complicated patterns and graphic symbols to the rhythms of structural form.

Deborah has taught beginning and intermediate jewelry classes in the Boston area, including the Museum School and De Cordova. She has presented married metal workshops and palette workshops throughout the US (Arrowmont, Penland, Peters Valley, MICA, and Metalwerx). She teaches two dimensional design courses at Endicott College and at RISD Pre College.

Her jewelry has been exhibited in galleries throughout the US, in Canada, and in Europe.