Barbara Lawrence

For over 3 decades, Barbara has owned and operated Boston Gems & Findings, Inc., formerly Boston Findings & Jewelers Supply Company. The wholesale company changed its name in 1986, when she shifted the focus of her business from providing tools and findings to supplying colored gemstones, diamonds and findings. By offering gemstones (including diamonds) and findings under one roof to the trade, customers are always assured a perfect fit.

It is with this attention to detail and quality that Boston Gems & Findings is uniquely able to service jewelers, designers and antique dealers.

Their staff has years of combined expertise as jewelers and/or gem sorters. Paul Dragone, has a GG degree from GIA. Paul has worked with another staff member, Patty Wu, for years as a hands-on team- he as the former diamond buyer for one of the largest jewelry manufacturing companies in the world, and she as his top diamond sorter. Paul has flown to Bombay in search of diamond melee, matched pairs of baguettes, princess cuts, fancy color melee, and diamond beads.

In the search for top quality material, Barbara regularly travels overseas to find the finest gemstones at the very best prices. From Jaipur and Sri Lanka to Bangkok and Hong Kong, she scouts everything from Alexandrite to Zircon, always keeping an eye out for new discoveries. Paul and Barbara closely monitor mine closings, as well as the economic and political climate throughout the world.

As members of the AGTA, ICA, and the JVC, They're committed to keeping themselves selves and their customers well informed about new gemstone treatments and new synthetics in the marketplace. Currently Barbara shares her gemstone knowledge as an advisor to the jewelry program at the North Bennett Street School, where students learn to be professional bench jewelers. She is also Vice President of the AGTA.