Amy Roper Lyons

Amy Roper Lyons is a studio goldsmith and enamelist.   Lyons creates bold compositions of gold and glass, each unique piece made by hand in her studio. She combines enamel processes like cloisonné, plique a jour, and basse-taille with a broad palette of goldsmithing techniques including forming, carving, chasing, and fabricating. Lyons’ work draws inspiration from a number of sources, including her travels and the natural world. Her current series was sparked by photographs of space taken by the Hubble Telescope. 

Her award-winning work has been published in magazines and books such as 500 Enameled Objects, “Jewelry Artist“, “Ornament“, and “Art Jewelry Magazine”. Lyons’ jewelry is exhibited nationally at museums, galleries and craft shows, recently at the Smithsonian Craft Show. Lyons has taught jewelry and enameling at the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, the Newark Museum, and teaches workshops at locations nationally. She received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. 

Upcoming Classes

Enriching Cloissoné Enameling Techniques Summer with the Masters July 13-17, 2022