Sgrafitto & Screenprinting on Enamel

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Explore the exciting potential of screen-printing original drawings, existing imagery, and repetitive patterns onto an enameled surface. In this workshop, students will learn step-by-step how to expose a pre-emulsified screen, prepare enamels for printing, and the kiln-firing process. Tanya will also go over how to use painting enamels to create hand-drawn details on top of your patterns, and how to adapt this painting method for use in the sgraffito technique. Enameling basics including sifting enamel, preparing a copper base and attaching a finding for a necklace or earrings will be covered. 

Meet the Instructor

Tanya Crane

Tanya Crane is a Southern California native who holds a degree in Metal from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and a degree in Art/Metals from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She seeks adventure and experience, which has led to a lifetime of moving from one metropolitan city to another. These experiences have informed her work offering a diverse range of materials, which she has integrated into her jewelry and sculptures that speak more to her research about identity and race, than to the material itself. Crane’s work has been on view most recently at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton Massachusetts and the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Materials & Tools 

There is a $80 materials fee for this workshop that is payable upon registration. The materials kit for this workshop includes a painting enamel kit, water medium and containers, screen printing kit, laser/copier transparencies, colorful plastic canvas, 6x6 inch copper sheet, and tools necessary to complete the projects. 

Students should bring 
  • A 6x6 inch piece of 20g copper will be supplied, but students are also encouraged to bring other dimensions and gauges of copper for their own specific interests and ideas.
  • Flat palette knife 
  • Glass plate or ceramic tile (smooth) about 4x4 inches, or enamel tile 4x4 inches (this is to mix enamel paints on)
  • Small glass container for rubbing alcohol (for cleaning brushes). You can use a recycled jar, like a jam jar.
  • Optical visors between 2x and 4x  (optional, Metalwerx has these for sharing)
  • Brushes:  #03, 01 fine brushes (a good quality brush is necessary for these processes) 
  • Calligraphers pen with fine point nib (try to get one without an attached well) -- Hunt Company #512, 513 or 107 with holders are good sizes



Materials Cost



Tanya Crane


February 14 -16, 2020


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


3 days

All Levels
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