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You have found your passion, now you want to make a living at what you love. But how? You have to develop not only the skills to create art but also get your work into the marketplace. This class will help students understand the steps necessary to run a successful art/craft business as well as go over tricks of the trade to ensure your art is more than just a hobby.

The class is hands-on, fast paced and fun with tons of hand-outs. Marlene will lead students through exercises to discover the best ways to speak about their work, deal with customer relations, choose the right craft shows and galleries, and find a balance between making, marketing, and managing a business. Discover why designing your business can be just as much fun and as creative as designing your jewelry. And, yes, it is not only OK to be an artist and to make a living at it, but desirable.

Marlene is craft business consultant with over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry and author of the award-winning book about running a small jewelry design/craft business - "Profiting by Design". If you'd like to read more about Marlene, please visit her website

Meet the Instructor

Marlene Richey

My father was a college art professor and my mother a free-lance writer, neither of them had even a rudimentary knowledge of business. I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in art and jewelry, without anyone ever suggesting I might sometime want to make a living at what I had studied for four years. A few years later William Richey and I joined forces and we naively started a jewelry design firm with absolutely no idea of how to run a business. And that was the beginning of a long journey on learning the do's and don'ts, ups and downs, ins and outs of becoming art entrepreneurs.

During my 30+ years career in jewelry, I have run a wholesale business and a retail gallery, done hundreds of shows – craft and trade, indoors and out, juried and not juried, dreadful and successful. I traveled for nine years to every nook and cranny of America selling our line. I have served on numerous board of directors (currently Society of North American Goldsmiths), am an award-winning consultant to emerging artists (Contemporary Design Group's 2009 Designer Advocate of the Year), teach seminars and classes, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, participate on panels, a free-lance writer for jewelry/craft publications, contribute an on-going column for Art Jewelry magazine called "Business Savvy" and authored an award-winning book about running a small jewelry design/craft business - "Profiting by Design" through the MJSA Press.

Students should bring 

Pen, paper, bring all marketing materials that you have produced to date, samples or pictures of your work.




Marlene Richey


August 26, 2019


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


1 day

All Levels
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