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Once basic metalsmithing techniques and skills are learned for creating jewelry, a desire to expand on those skills is probably the first feeling a student will experience! If you have experienced this feeling, this is going to be a perfect class for you. One of the most important things a student should do after learning basic metalsmithing skills is to practice them as much as possible, and you will get the opportunity to do just that. You will also get to elaborate on those same basic techniques and use them as a stepping stone to create more complicated pieces and designs. Many pieces of jewelry are a combination of many basic techniques which you learned in Jewelry 1. You will get to start new projects, but if you choose, get to finish existing projects you may not have been able to complete during previous courses. Finishing a piece is one of the most important steps in completing a project and will be one of the skills most explored throughout this course.

Topics covered will include intermediate to advanced soldering techniques, piercing and filing skills, creating settings for stones or other objects, fabricating hollow forms and/or boxes, scoring, and of course, finishing. The instructor will also demonstrate tricks and shortcuts they've learned and taught themselves over many years of experience and hard work. Students will be allowed to go at their own pace in a supportive and exploratory environment. Start new pieces, bring your unfinished projects, or both. Drawing and experimenting will also be encouraged. Demos will be performed which you will get to practice, then use to create a new piece or add to an existing one. Focusing on the techniques you wish to practice most will be the main focus of this course, with guidance, in order for you to become more confident in your skills as a metalsmith and jewelry designer.

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Cristina Pabon

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Cristina Pabon


September 20 -November 29, 2018

Weekly on Thursday


6:00 PM -9:00 PM


10 weeks

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November 22

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