Intermediate Anticlastic Forming

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Get in depth and explore more intricate aspects of Anticlastic Raising with celebrated artist and teacher, Michael Good.  This course is similar in concept to our basic class, but designed for students who have anticlastic raising experience so there can be more extensive explanations and so students are able to investigate the technique further than they have before.

Time will be divided between lectures, demonstrations, and practice periods. Students will be lead through a series of exercises designed to teach and reinforce the principles of Anticlastic Raising, how metal is moved from flat sheet into non-definitive forms.  There will be some time to practice each stage in order to digest the concepts presented before moving on to the next exercise.

The goal is for students to develop their foundation skills further during class and return to their own surroundings to practice at their leisure.  Students are welcome to come to the workshop with project ideas and/or samples they have questions about so that Michael can help them work towards their goals.  Alternatively, students can choose to practice any anticlastic techniques they would like more guidance and support learning.

Students need to have completed at least one anticlastic raising course, preferably with Michael. However, as long as students are familiar with the anticlastic principles, they are welcome to join.  


Meet the Instructor

Michael Good

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of Belgian parents, Michael Good is a designer/sculptor/jeweler whose side interests include physics, philosophy, archeology, and kayaking. Primarily self-taught, Michael is known around the world as the master of Anticlastic Raising.  He has been exploring metal forming for over 25 years and has given workshops for professional organizations, universities, and schools in North America and Europe.  His work is represented in stores, galleries, museums, and private collections around the world.
Materials & Tools 

There is a $25 materials fee for this course, which is payable upon registration. The kit will be comprised of bronze sheet (Nu Gold.) Each student will receive a 12"x 6" piece of 26g, 24g, and 22g NuGold.

Complete tool kits will be provided to the students by Michael Good Designs for use during the workshop.  The tools may be purchased at the end of class either as a kit or by piece (price varies per tool estimated from $50 - $1,200 for a complete kit.)


Students should bring 
  • Any of their favorite hand tools such as files, sanding sticks, scribe, saw blades & frame, etc.
  • Any hammers (labeled with their name) that they wish to use during the class.



Materials Cost



Michael Good


September 11 -15, 2019


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


5 days

Intermediate and above
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