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A patina is a thin layer or coating on metal that occurs through chemical and/or atmospheric exposure, resulting in a built up of oxides on the surface. In this virtual course, students will explore patination methods using common household items!

Techniques will include short and long term buried and fumed exposure for copper and copper alloys. Surface preparation, tools, patina recipes, sealants, and safety procedures will also be discussed.

Come dabble in the scientific side of metalsmithing and leave with tips and tricks that will guide you through your future patination projects with success!

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Please read the Materials & Tools tab! 

Meet the Instructor

Lauren Beaudoin

Lauren Anabela Beaudoin is a Salvadoran born metalsmith, craft educator and sole proprietor of Creative Dexterity. After taking her first metalsmithing class as a teen, Lauren knew this was a passion she wanted to pursue. This led her to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in metals. Working primarily in sterling silver and other copper alloyed metals, her designs investigate shape, depth and kinetic movement. Her latest series explores color and texture through the patination process. Lauren has been featured in Macworld Magazine, Bella Armoire Jewelry and in the book Retrash. She currently resides in Western Massachusetts where she is an active studio artist. For more information about her work, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram (@creativedexterity).

Materials & Tools 

The following supplies will be used for course demonstrations and objectives. A suggested item and/or vendor has been provided below for reference. Click the vendor name (in red) to be redirected to a page where you can find the item. The quantities needed for each item are listed first. If ordering, please be aware that some items may come in larger quantities than needed for this class. We recommend not opening an item's packaging until the day of the workshop. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is strongly encouraged but not required - observers are welcome.

Metal/raw materials (Note: you can use any supplier for metal. 2" squares are suggested for optimal sample viewing, but any size within 2" will work and small scrap pieces can be used instead. Brass typing yields different patina results.): 

Patina supplies: 

Patina tools (Note: take-out containers work great for patination!):

  • 1-2 x round soup/deli container with lid (Amazon)
  • 1-2 x rectangular meal container with lid (Amazon)
  • 1-2 x round meal container with lid (Amazon)
  • 1-2 x round sauce container with lid (Amazon)
  • 1 x 6qt latch container (Grocery)
  • 36" x round dowel rod - 1/4" (Craft Store)
  • 5 x foam brushes - 1"-2" (Craft Store)
  • 1 x soft toothbrush (Amazon)
  • 1 x flat synthetic paint brush - 1/2" (Amazon)
  • 1 x 2oz spray bottle (Amazon)
  • 1 x set plastic measuring spoons (Amazon)
  • 1 x glass measuring cup (Amazon)
  • 1 x small roll aluminum foil (Grocery)
  • 1 x 1oz can Everbrite Protectaclear (Amazon or Everbrite)
  • 1 x microcrystalline wax polish (Amazon or Rio Grande)
  • 1 x clear acrylic spray - matte (Craft Store)
  • 1 x 4 pack of water brushes (Amazon)

Hand tools:

  • 1 x rotary tool - flex shaft, drill press, etc. (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x chain nose pliers (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x snips / flush cutters (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x jewelers saw (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x pack saw blades - 2/0 (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x bench pin (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x center punch (Rio Grande
  • drill bits - to drill holes for 16g wire (Rio Grande)
  • sand paper or rotary bits - 220 to 600 grits (Amazon)
  • stamps - optional to decipher metal type after patination

Other/miscellaneous items:

  • fan and open window - or ventilation system
  • respirator - N95
  • safety glasses 
  • disposable gloves
  • pencil and notebook - for notes
  • Sharpie
  • masking tape
  • scotch-brite pads
  • dish detergent or other cleaner for metal
  • rags/towels - studio use only




Lauren Beaudoin


September 9 -30, 2021

Weekly on Thursday


10:00 AM -12:00 PM


3 weeks

All Levels

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September 16

Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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