Guidelines: Working in Repetition & Multiples

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“Guidelines” is a contemporary jewelry project where makers create work based off of pre-set guidelines. This project offers students a creative opportunity to break out of their everyday routine and challenges them to think differently in their studio practice. 

In this workshop, students will experiment, explore, investigate, multiply, and challenge themselves to create jewelry using up to three shapes/forms derived from a single motif or point of inspiration. The motif can be anything; a man made object, something from nature, a family heirloom, even a picture if the object is too large to carry. A portion of the last day will be dedicated to alternative forms of powder coating without using a spray gun, as a way of adding color to the pieces.

Students will only have a 6” x 12” sheet of brass, 12 feet of copper wire, and their inspiration as a guide, challenging them to create new shapes and patterns through the use of repeated elements and negative vs. positive space, resulting in dynamic wearable works of art.

Completed pieces from this class will be exhibited in the Guidelines 1.5 online exhibition.


Meet the Instructor

Brie Flora

Brie Flora is a contemporary jeweler and educator currently living in east Tennessee. Brie is a graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a dual degree in Metalsmithing & Jewelry and Art Education May 2015.  Her wearable jewelry plays with symmetry and consists heavily of line work, negative space, patterns, and color. She pulls elements from nature, fantasy, & fiction to create unique works of wearable art with a minimalist aesthetic balanced with pops of intricate marks and illustrations.

Brie has been featured in over 10 group exhibitions, recently including Touchy Feely at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in Baltimore MD, and HOTDOG! Show Chicago at the Ornament and Object gallery, Chicago IL. She also created and curated the first vol. of “Guidelines – A contemporary jewelry project” that featured works by 15 jewelers and makers including herself. “Guidelines” was on view during Adorned Spaces at the 2019 SNAG Conference in Chicago, and then up for a month-long exhibition at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN (for more information go to @guidelines_jewelry on Instagram).


Materials & Tools 

There is a $25 materials fee for this workshop that is payable upon registration. The materials kit includes a large sheet of brass, 12 feet of copper wire, solder, powder coat paint, and other miscellaneous materials necessary for the completion of a project. 

Students should bring 
  • Sketch book

  • Found object

  • Any of your own tools, if you do not want to share or use tools provided by Metalwerx

  • Open mind with lots of energy!


$530.00 $503.50
5% discount until February 26

Materials Cost



Brie Flora


March 27 -29, 2020


10:00 AM -5:00 PM


3 days

Basic and above
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