Glitter on Glass: Luster Techniques for Enamels

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In this demo-focused virtual workshop, students will learn to apply and fire luster and mica powders on to vitreous enamel to decorate the surface and add a new layer of visual interest. Focusing on non-toxic options for luster surfaces, students will be able to learn how to utilize a variety of easy to access materials to apply a layer of shimmer. Basic enamel fusing experience is recommended. Demos will experiment with materials that are applied at surface level on top of base coats. Enamel may be fired with either a kiln or torch, but slightly different color variations may occur depending on the firing method.

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Please read the Materials & Tools tab! 

Meet the Instructor

Emily Pellini

Emily Pellini was raised in Kennett Square, PA. Emily's work is a combination of narrative and symbolism with personal iconography used throughout. She has received her B.F.A. in Fine Art Metals and Jewelry from Millersville University, studying under Becky McDonah, and recently completed her stay as a Millersville Emerging Artist in Residence. She is currently studying under Jessica Calderwood at Ball State University to complete her M.F.A. in Metals.

She was recently awarded  Juror's Awards in the 38th and 41st Annual Contemporary Craft in Mesa, AZ. Her belt buckles, "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Nervous Girl",  "All Men Are Cremated Equal", and "Swarming" have received Honorable Mention in the 2020, 2019, and 2016 World Champion Belt Buckle Competitions. Publications include "New Brooches", which features three brooches from the "Swarming: Brooch Series." Other publications include "SNAG: JAMS", a contemporary jewelry survey and publication and "The Art of Fine Enameling" by Karen L. Cohen. 

View Emily's work at

Materials & Tools 

The following supplies will be used for course demonstrations and objectives. A suggested item and/or vendor has been provided below for reference. Click the vendor name (in red) to be redirected to a page where you can find the item. The quantities needed for each item are listed first. If ordering, please be aware that some items may come in larger quantities than needed for this class. We recommend not opening an item's packaging until the day of the workshop. Student participation during or in-between class sessions is strongly encouraged but not required - observers are welcome.

Metal/raw materials (note students can use/cut their own copper sheet): 

  • 10 x 2" pieces of copper sheet - 18g (Rio Grande)
  • 2-5 x lead-free enamels - at least 1 opaque color
  • a range or set of mica powders (Amazon or Amazon)

Enamel tools: 

  • 2oz x klyr-fire (Rio Grande)
  • 2-4 x small soft paint brushes (Amazon)
  • 2 x plastic palette with lid - 1 for enamel, 1 for mica (Amazon)
  • 2 x small metal palette knife (Amazon)
  • 1 or more x rubber wipe-out tool - tips wear over time (Amazon)
  • 1 x glass vial dropper (Amazon)

Hand tools:

Enameling setup (if using kiln):

Enameling setup (if using torch):

  • all enameling items listed above - minus kiln
  • 1 x torch setup - Silversmith or similar style  (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x #2 or larger torch tip - if using Silversmith (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x striker or lighter - Silversmith system has one (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x tripod or fire bricks with screen (Rio Grande)

Other/miscellaneous items: 

  • hard work surface
  • fan and open window or ventilation system
  • safety glasses 
  • pencil and notebook
  • Sharpie markers
  • tissues
  • distilled water
  • old magazines
  • dust mask - N95 suggested




Emily Pellini


January 15 -16, 2022


10:00 AM -12:00 PM


2 days

Basic and above
Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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