Art Analysis Techniques for Jewelers

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In this virtual workshop participants will look at why they should want to critique their own work, in addition to learning a plethora of tricks and techniques for gaining objectivity about their artwork, what to look for, ways to examine a design or object, and how to know what worked well versus what did not.

This online experience is about becoming more conscious of and improving ones own decisions for designing and making jewelry. This class will cover numerous topics from Formal Design (balance, symmetry, dynamic movement, tension, edge transitions, etc.) to Intent (what did you want the viewer/wearer to take away), Function (how comfortable is it, how dangerous, how heavy) and more. This course aims to improve your decision making during the process of making jewelry and improve the quality of your design thinking, while cultivating both a fun and useful approach. 

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Meet the Instructor

Charles Lewton-Brain

Charles Lewton-Brain studied and worked in Europe and North America. He lectures and publishes internationally on his research into rapid manipulation of metal and it's surface for artistic and manufacturing purposes. He invented Fold-Forming, an internationally reconized new approach to working sheet metals. Head of the Jewellery/Metals Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design, he writes, exhibits and works in his studio. He is President of the Canadian Crafts Federation. He thinks of himself as an artist who works primarily in the context of body ornament. He is a founding partner in the world's largest free educational web site for jewelers, and has over 700 pages of his writing there.

Students should bring 
  • designs, jewelry pieces, or art objects to analyze 
  • paper and writing implement for note taking
  • open mind and eagerness to learn




Charles Lewton-Brain


April 6, 2022


12:00 PM -3:00 PM


1 day

All Levels
Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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